How to Properly Take Care of Your Beard

Having a solid grooming routine from your skincare to your fingernails is imperative no matter your gender, and if you have a beard, you need to make sure you’re grooming that daily too. While beards have been in vogue for decades, the last year has seen a massive boom in the number of men who want to grow a full, burly beard. There’s no wonder either; not only are beards one of the epitomes of manliness, but in a 2016 study by the Journal of Evolutionary Biology, women were shown to see men with beards as more attractive, more masculine, confident, and sincere than their clean-shaven counterparts. If you’re one such man with a big beard, keep reading for a refresher on maintaining your beard properly to stay looking sharp. 

Give It A Good Scrub 

Whenever you take a shower, make sure that after you shampoo your hair, you shampoo your beard too. The reality is our faces sweat just as much as the rest of our bodies, and you need to make sure you’re washing all that gunk down the drain. Investing in a solid beard shampoo is worth the splurge since it’s formulated not to dry out your delicate facial skin. 

Comb It Through 

Step two is pretty straightforward but one that many men with beards don’t stay up on. Make sure to comb through your beard daily when you get out of the shower or run out the door. Running a comb through your beard gets rid of any loose strands of hair that may be in there, but it’s also a quick way to shape your beard in the desired style. Keep in mind that this isn’t just for men with long beards; no matter your facial hair shape, it’s a good idea to comb through it. If you don’t have a specific beard brush, you can use a small tooth comb to run through quickly. A comb is critical for grooming your beard because it stimulates new growth, so even if you’re not at your desired length yet, combing it will help you get there.  

Add Some Shine 

One of the most important beard products you need in your repertoire is good beard oil. While it’s true that most beards are coarse and can even be wiry, this isn’t the aesthetic of a good beard. You want to add some shine and softness to your beard by using a beard oil every time you wash your beard (at minimum) but ideally every day. If you’re picky about ingredients or haven’t found oil in a scent that resonates with you, you can easily make your own by combining a carrier oil and essential oil you already enjoy. Making sure to moisturize and hydrate your beard is necessary for its overall health. 

Trimming Regularly 

If you don’t already have a local barber on speed dial, you must ask friends, coworkers, or family who always look fresh who they see for their hair care needs. Your barber will keep the hair on your head looking fantastic, but they’re also critical in keeping your beard looking great. Regular haircuts and beard trims can boost your self-esteem, make caring for your beard at home more accessible, and are a great way to rewind and relax with other men. 

Growth Serums 

Even though you may already have the full, long beard you desire, no one can turn back the hands of time. In the same way, you’d apply anti-aging products to your skin to keep it looking its best; it’s a good idea to apply a growth serum every once in and while to keep your beard strong and healthy. Make sure you’re using a growth serum that hydrates your beard and skin. Growth serums are also beneficial in preventing or banishing itchiness from new growth as you start your beard journey.

Taking care of your beard requires effort and persistence, but it pays off in a beautiful, well-maintained facial hairstyle. Not only do beards portray masculinity and confidence, but they also exude significant sex appeal. No matter where you are in your beard journey, by caring for it properly, you can achieve the beard of your dreams in less time than you may imagine. And, if you’ve already gotten there (lucky you), protect it.