How a Man’s Beard Changes Style

It’s an undeniable fact that a beard makes men more attractive. Moreover, a lot of surveyed men responded that they feel more handsome with facial hair and received compliments at least once. Let’s take a deep dive and discover how a man’s beard changes style and affects appearance.

Adds Masculinity

For a while, a beard is the primary sign of masculinity. Massive hair on the face means that a male has a high testosterone level that flows through the veins. It also adds more confidence to men. For instance, if a student has a well-groomed beard, tutors won’t probably think that he gets help with papers from A beard can help students present themselves as responsible learners.

Moreover, an anonymous 1970s study found a correlation between the hair on the face and sexual life. In mere words, the more active sexual life a man has, the fastest hair grows on the face. Nevertheless, the beard should be well-groomed to add masculinity. Otherwise, it can worsen the style.

Changes Appearance

Beards can be of different sizes and shapes. Thereupon, facial hair can affect men’s appearance. Most of all, it affects the face’s shape. For instance, having a small chin, a man can hide it with a massive beard. Moreover, a beard can change the face’s shape and make it less round.

Anyway, a beard is one of the best ways to change the appearance significantly. That’s why a false beard is a very demanded accessory among those who don’t want to be recognized.

Performs Kid-To-Man Transition

Those men whose appearance wasn’t affected by puberty can get rid of childish faces by cultivating facial hair. A beard adds adulthood and helps perform a transition from a childish to a man’s face.

Men must maintain their beards until they decide the length of their beards is enough to look mature. If you’re a teen who wants to add more maturity, there is no need to delegate your assignments to the top homework help service via this link – and lift weights in a gym all your spare time. A beard can help you achieve the required result much faster. Worth noting, shaving a beard, a baby-face can appear again.

Adds Wildness

The best way to compare a face with a beard and a shaved one is to cross-reference Vikings and knights. Both of them look great, but they are different. A knight with a shaved face has a noble and graceful look. Vice versa, a bearded Viking looks rough and strong. Therefore, those who want to look a bit wildish have to cultivate hair on their face and groom it regularly.

Top Types of Beards

There is no one-size-fits-all beard. Men can have beards of different lengths and shapes. Each of the types has diverse peculiarities. Let’s review the most popular types of beards for men.


It is the most simple type of beard. It’s a perfect choice for those who want to add some wildness and maturity to their style but are not ready to have long hair on their face. Anyway, four of ten men responded that massive facial hair makes them feel uncomfortable.

It’s required to stop barbering for 2-4 days for getting stubble. It makes jaws seem more powerful and helps hide a scar or a pimple. It also requires low maintenance. Feel free to shave it with a trimmer by setting it on the 3-4 mm length.

Full Beard

It is a radical style change, especially for those who tend to shave their faces every day. The appearance of a full beard depends on its length and shape. It’s recommended not to make the full beard too long to avoid the “biker style.” 

If you overdo cultivating hair on your face, the full beard may make you look like a professor who writes A+ papers at, an essay writing platform, but not a college student. The full beard has to cover the entire face and needs a lot of time for maintenance to look great. It should have a moderate length as well. 


This type of beard implies hair over the lips and on the chin. It is a stylish solution for those who want to sharpen their style. This type of beard can be formed by shaving cheeks and trimming a mustache with a chin. Goatee looks great on slim and angular faces.

Benefits of Having a Beard

A beard can spice-up a man’s style significantly. However, it also can provide some benefits. For starters, a beard protects the skin on the face from UV-rays from the sun. It helps slow down the aging process and decreases the chance of skin cancer. Also, a beard helps keep the skin moisturized. Facial hair keeps pores closed and safe from drying.