Summer Essentials – Part 1

We may still find ourselves in the midst of a transitional clothing period on British shores – to be honest, the summer months are always in a state of flux on this isle of ever changing climes – but if you haven’t already done so, now is the time to start thinking about what you are going to be wearing when we do get a prolonged period of sunshine. And when I say prolonged, I do not mean an afternoon but at last a week or two.

The summer wardrobe is important not only because it gives us the opportunity to unshackle ourselves from the winter layers but more importantly, due to it being a relatively short period of time (in the UK at least) it is essential we pick the right pieces for the right times and occasion as we wont get a great deal of time in which to wear said items.

wardrobe 1

We must also bear in mind the colours we choose; summer is a prime time for prints and allows us the chance to wear brighter hues but get it wrong and your friends could be forgiven for thinking you have jacked in the day job in order to serve cocktails on some far-flung exotic island.

Then of course there are the items you need to pick – us gents may not have as much choice as our female counterparts but that is not to say there is not a minefield of clothing to carefully consider and pick your way through; from shorts to sunglasses, t-shirts to tailored trousers, blazers to footwear there is a wealth of options from which we can choose.

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To help you avoid the pitfalls and ensure your summer goes without a hitch, here’s part one of our guide to some of the summer essentials.

Summer Sweaters

Sweaters in summer may sound like something of a juxtaposition but we’d be lost without the jersey sweater. Not only are the comfortable and easy to shove under your arm when the sun is out, they also ensure that when the evening arrives we have something both lightweight and warm to ward off the early evening chill. May we suggest keeping your sweater a single block colour, this way you can wear it with everything.

cotton terry sweatshirtmulti panel sweatshirtknitlook sweatshirt

orange sweatshirtturqoise sweatshirtdudley sweatshirt

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Polo Shirts

The good old trusted polo shirt, fit for the debonair gent strolling along the Monte Carlo boulevards just as much as it is the geezer strutting along Brighton pier, the polo shirt covers every spectrum of sartorial (and social) class. If it’s dress down Friday in the office the polo shirt is ideal, crossing, as it does that smart / casual divide, thus ensuring it’s straight out of the office and out to the pub.

check pique shirtpolo pique shirtnavy patterned shirt

light blue shirtsombre polo shirtred mesh shirt

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I like to think us men can wear most items of clothing and never normally feel age is ever any issue with our style choices but shorts can always be tricky. If you are under 25 by all means wear a pair of board shorts (at the beach or hotel pool) but if you are north of this number, get yourself a pair of tailored shorts. You can wear them with trainers, you can wear them with loafers, do what you like just don’t wear board shorts.

legacy shortswoolrich shortsdiamond front shorts

burgundy shortsstone chino shortstailored shorts

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There are numerous items in our wardrobe we like to deem summer clothes but possibly the favourite has to be the chino. The chino can of course be worn all year round but it seems to have a special place reserved for the sunshine. Chinos fall smack bang between the casual jeans and formal trousers making them the ideal companion on holiday nights out or weekends away. They’re also socially accepted in pastel colours and lighter tones giving men who may be adverse to anything but black or navy, the chance to widen their clothing palette.

hackett chinosskinny chinosdark red chinos

etro chinosmacro slim chinosauburn chinos

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End Of Part 1

Due to the unpredictable nature of the weather, summer will always be a difficult season to navigate so it’s essential you pick the right number of pieces to get your through those few short months.

We here at MFM always believe quality should outshine quantity so be picky in what you choose but maybe spend a little more – it may be old hat but the saying you get what you pay for certainly rings true when it comes to your clothes.  It is also wise to choose block colours as it helps to enhance the variety of your outfits, teaming up different tops with bottoms and vice versa.

Hopefully you have been able to take some tips from this article. Part two of your style essentials will feature on MFM on Monday.