SS14 Trends: Statement Sweaters

When it comes to caring about the clothes we wear, us men generally fall into one of two categories: those who love them and those who really could not care less. Of course there are a few who lie in the no-mans land of actually putting some effort in when the time calls i.e weddings, anniversary dinners etc. but in the main, there is little grey area to split these two divisive clothing camps.

As many a male wardrobe might attest, we gents aren’t too enamoured with pushing the boundaries of fashion or trying something new, we like the tried and tested, the navy blues, the shirts and ties, the relaxed fitting jeans and shoes we can wear for all occasions. Well some men do anyway.

Thankfully there is another type of man altogether; a man who takes pride in not only looking good but isn’t afraid to try something new. This is the kind of guy who does not want to look back at photos of his younger self and see the same old clothes, the time worn hair style and a look that no matter his age, be it 30 or 60, will peer into those dog eared photos and realise, while the background may have altered, his clothes have remained the same.

sweater 1

Trying something new is what pushes the endless cogs of fashion – and style – forward. People often use the phrase “life is too short…” but if anything, once you reach that age when you start to buy your own clothes, until the day someone has to dress you once again, life is too long to wear the same clothes year in year out.

With this is mind, why not try something new this season, say, I don’t know, a statement sweater maybe. We all love a good jersey sweater for their comfort but why not combine said comfort with a dose of modern fashion.

As the name might suggest, statement sweats are all about standing out from the crowd; they are the ice-breaker with the girl at the bar, the item of clothing which separates you from the rest of your gang and while there will always be people who mock you for being the individual one, let’s face it, being part of the crowd can be somewhat tedious at times.

sweater 2

Christopher Kane and his lucid, vibrant colours, McQ with a vivid nod towards Mods and punks and Sweden’s ultra-cool hipster brand ACNE with their quintessential Scandinavian minimalism are just three of the major fashion labels incorporating the statement sweat into their S/S’14 collections while the high street is of course awash with a splendour of in your face designs that will initiate any conversation no matter your environs.

Of course if your usual sartorial choices err on the side of caution, no one is expecting you to suddenly rush out and purchase a dozen sweaters which will have your entire town gossiping about your drastic change in clothing choices but you need to make a start somewhere and with the sunshine soon to bestow her hearty glow upon us, now is as good a time as any.

sweater 3

Here’s a few outfit ideas on how to make your mark with the statement sweater – without making a fool of yourself – this year.

Summer Vibes

With the whiff of summer emanating in the air and the winter coats being put to the back of the wardrobe, now is the ideal time to start purchasing your summer wears. The statement sweater is the ideal companion on those balmy summer eves when the temperature has dropped a little but you still want to be able to saunter about in your shorts and summer footwear.

college dot sweatshirthalf sleeve teecotton tailored shorts

all star ox plimsollsbrown metal sunglassestan look cardholder

Keep It Casual

If you are used to wearing more neutral colours and see the statement sweat as some kind of personal invasion on your otherwise placid clothing outlook, the best bet is to wear what your usual attire and simply change your sweat  – you are not changing your look here, just your top. Keep your jeans, your shoes / trainers and jacket and add something a little new. Think of it like a good curry but with a few extra chilli’s.

bomber black jacketloopback sweaterblack danny jeans

jazz original sauconycontrast strap backpackblack buckle belts

Smart Choice

Formal attire is not something one would readily associate with statement sweaters but thanks to those two words that seem to appear in all of my articles for MFM, the amalgamation of street style within the social conscience of mainstream fashion means the lines between formal and casual are now distorted more than ever before. There is nothing wrong with pairing a suit and shoes with a sweater in the 21st century so make that sweater worthy of the occasion.

dobby black jacketdobby skinny suitsscribble sweatshirt

brogue leather shoesluxury card casegrey metal watches

Best Of The Rest

navy contrast sweatshirtmid grey sweatshirtcrow print sweater

college cotton sweatshirtprinted fleece sweatshirtzebra sweatshirt

neoprene sweatshirtcuban sweatshirtneo bunny sweatshirt

obey seagullthe quiet lifelondon club sweatshirt


If fashion stands for anything, it is making a statement about ones self and there’s no better way to do that than through the colours and patterns you choose to wear. The statement sweater gives us men the ideal opportunity to flaunt our exuberance, to show off if you will. No one likes a man who is too arrogant but exuding a certain sense of self-confidence is a must for any man who loves his clothes.

It doesn’t matter if you have £30 or £300 to spend on a sweater this season, just make sure, amongst the navy blue denim jeans, crisp white shirts, blazers and well polished dress shoes, there is a statement sweater waiting to leap out of your wardrobe and into the world.

And be prepared for people to talk because talk they will.