Zebra Oasis – One for us eco-nerds to get excited about Zebra Oasis

With more and more brands turning to sustainability with shoes, how to find that one brand that is a diamond in a pool of rocks. It is obvious that a more environmentally aware approach to designing footwear in trying to divert waste being sent to a landfill, and instead is being used to create new shoes. Brands should be intent on how they think about performance and sustainability and putting a sustainable focus on making footwear that works from design to material sourcing.

We all care about the earth, and the importance of creating products that are sustainable or vegan, and for footwear that’s totally sustainable, it sometimes can force the brands creativity to go a different way and design way more creatively and they can do so much more but just in a different concept from what has been done before. So do we think that brands are doing enough for sustainability? It is down to those that not only make them or wear them, but people that write and spread the message about them, to give information about companies that are going out and beyond to bring you footwear that does so much more, it’s all about education. 

And on that note we are here to tell you all about one company that has done just that. 

Zebra Oasis is a premium brand that not only makes high quality footwear and apparel but is dedicated to promote a sustainable lifestyle. ZO shoes have just debuted this day-to-day shoe, and if you’re looking for the most comfortable shoes to wear everyday, these are the ones for you. So the ZO shoe comes in two colour options, we do not use dye, the grey ones are the original colour of the hemp materials and the white ones are bleached, no plastic or artificial material, easy to fold, carry and easy to dispose of when you no longer need them. So these shoes are not only ultra cool, good looking and will create a better wearing experience but are also 100% recyclable, 100% biodegradable and absolute carbon neutral.

As we know when you need to recycle anything, especially shoes,do you just chuck them in the bin, or try  separating the parts? Zebra Oasis uses an EcoBoost design that can make you participate in the recycling actions by pulling the ring they designed inside the shoe, and that in itself has a huge impact as you can imagine. If you’re wondering about what actually ARE these shoes made of, well hemp, breathable, lightweight and antibacterial and machine washable. For better durability and resilience the sole uses new TPU carbon e dioxide forming technology that reduces the carbon footprint. Free your feet and the planet.

We have to remember that each year the footwear industry creates a staggering amount of metric tons or carbon dioxide and the average carbon footprint of a pair of trainers can equate to the very least of 7kg of CO2 emissions and that people is a lot of mileage if you were driving.

Here is the official website so you can learn more about its features and upcoming launching campaign on Kickstarter in April: https://zebraoasis.com/pages/explore-zo-landingpage

Check out how to separate the shoes right here:  https://youtu.be/tovjfBNtPbA

Why not give them a try, with the materials and design you can literally wear them anywhere, all-day, travelling, the office and even hiking.