Z Zegna SS14 Collection

[three_fourth last=”no”]…[/three_fourth]What is event wear and how does it differ from all other kinds of wear, especially when we’re edging into summer? These questions are at the foreground of the new Z Zegna collection coming this season. It is here that the idea of downplaying formalwear with regards to events and bringing a relaxed and unconventional approach is what is happening.

When you go out to a social gathering or an event, what you wear is always at the front of your mind. The Z Zegna collection has addressed this with jackets that are made to feel relaxed and trousers are loose, almost pyjama-like. Not only this, but graphic layers are added which create a contrast from the cotton bed shirts and knitted t-shirts.

zegna collection new

Z Zegna has taken a very active and demanding approach when it comes to its choices of fabrics and colours. The fabrics can only be described as innovative – remaining, as the past has told us, true to the Z Zegna tradition. Jade, purple and navy, lemon, lilac, clay and pink are on the round spectrum of colours offered which show a loud approach to entering the summer and spring seasons.

As well as fabric, Z Zegna has decided to look at how the clothes featured in their new collection will fit the body. For this, they’ve decided to have roomy yet sharp fits, transfused with stylized denim jackets and summer raincoats. Z Zegna are not shying from the little details, most notably with zips and blousons, pulling together the deconstructed attitude.

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With these choices, the downplaying of the formalwear comes into effect with the casual way the choices have been made. That, coupled with an authentic and study root brings together the Z Zegna collection where moods are described as youthful, dynamistic and energetic with a dapper touch.

The concept of merging ideas and concepts whirls around the Z Zegna collection. Transformation is key and is what they’re going for. Where one piece of clothing may suit one event, it can also suit another, creating a look that will be remembered. As they themselves put it – day and night the ZZ man leaves his unmistakable mark.