An Insight Into The Hot New Streetwear Brand – Yung Venture

At MFM, we pride ourselves in introducing our audience to new, young, fresh and exciting brands. Working alongside streetwear brand Yung Venture, their contemporary approach to streetwear offers a stylish, casual and smart clothing range that will embed itself within the men’s market.

What is Yung Venture?

Yung Venture will be providing a distinctive, casual – yet cutting edge clothing brand for men. Seeking style, quality and a determined identity which is looking to make a major impact in the clothing market.

Story behind Yung Venture

Entrepreneur Matthew Agyemang-Duah founded Yung Venture in 2013 to provide a distinctive, casual – yet cutting edge clothing brand for Gen Z men like himself, seeking style, quality and a determined identity.

Sitting smartly at the core of his dream, his range epitomises the qualities he aspires confidence, courage and positivity. Matthew has created his statement fashion line by focusing on exactly what he believes in and has chosen to excel at. The brand proudly reflects those traits as part of an all-encompassing lifestyle.

And with the convergence of the gaming and sustainable fashion industries, the fantasy, escapism and freedom of expressing who you’d like to be is now within your reach with our choice of inspirational style and detail. Yung Venture can dress you up to be the man you choose to be.

The Yung Venture brand represents the long journey which Matthew has taken, breaking into the fashion industry at a young age with the goal of establishing a stylish, casual and smart clothing range that will embed itself within the men’s market.

Our distinctive logo – the Yung Bear – represents the self-assurance and warrior spirit of men; our aim is for our customers to feel positive and comfortable when wearing our clothes.

Yung Venture tagline: “Dress for a purpose– add Yung Venture to your wardrobe.”

Why Yung venture?

When you look at bear, what attributes do you associate with it?

Well as a brand we done our research and found out bears provide:
• Energy,
• Confidence,
• Self-healing,
• Peace,
• Understanding,
• Intelligent,
• leadership,
• Strength
• Social

Ask yourself this question, what does your clothes mean to you. At Yung Venture we want our clothes but our logo specially to mean something to you. What do you want to achieve? Is it:

• Gym goal
• Finish a piece of work
• Learn how to ride a bike

Let Yung Venture help you to achieve it. Weather it is wearing one of our clothes or even looking at our logo let it be the symbol for you. Just look at the attributes above, don’t you see yourself as one of theses. Become part of our brand. This will be more than just clothing; it’s going to be a lifestyle and full of opportunities.

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