Your Summer Wardrobe Sorted

When it comes to dressing for summer, it can be very difficult. Coming from England, the need for cold and wet weather clothing is far greater than the need for shorts and t-shirts, but that shouldn’t mean that we become lazy when summer eventually rolls around.

Due to this, we tend to throw on a pair of shorts and any old t shirt and not worry too much, dropping our sartorial awareness, and this needn’t be the case. Summer is the perfect season to play around with colour, texture and fit, and for this, only one brand stand out to me: Folk.

Hailing from London, Folk create quietly stylish clothing enriched by subtle details. They work meticulously to ensure that their clothing is carefully thought out, cleverly designed and heavily focused on the subtle details that set them apart from others.


Their use of colour has always been the biggest pull for me. They never shy away from colour, but in a way that allows the fit and fabric to take centre stage whilst the colour simply adds to the piece, rather than controlling it. This Summer, they have leaned heavily into 3 core colours: green, orange and beige, creating the most wearable pieces in the most wearable hues.

The beauty of this shade of green is its versatility, treat it like any other neutral and have fun.


Don’t be intimidated by the orange, you’ll be surprised how wearable it actually is. The trick with any statement colour is to to wear it only on the top half of your body, its easier to style that way.


Beige, in my opinion, should be worn all year round, but it really come into its own in Summer. It will work well as a grounding colour when paired with the green and orange we mentioned earlier, also as part of a tonal outfit.

Written by Tom Loughran