When the British weather can have four seasons in one day, it’s hard to think about what jacket you can wear, that’s cool enough and smart enough to look good, feel good and just really look like a jacket you can wear in or out. A design synonymous with city and country living, worn to work, shopping at the weekend, football matches, running errands and weekends in the countryside, a quilted jacket comes with contemporary re-workings and heritage style from well-known brands.

They are called quilted from a term that refers to any run of stitching, either being decorative or just in a straight run that combines at least two layers of cloth with a third padding layer that will give the coat a three-dimensional look that’s often found on diamond quilted jackets.

A quilted jacket will give you all the insulation you wanted, but you don’t need to go all thick and snowman like, you want just enough insulation to keep you warm and also to layer over a sweater and shirt without looking well, puffy. This season’s quilted jackets mix an innovative use of colour with ever-practical functional design whatever your size and style, and if you shop on the high street it will prove that it is possible to adopt the quilted style without looking as if you’re going trekking up Ben Nevis.

So what can you wear with this smart little jacket, great for layering, with a roll neck sweater, a cashmere or merino wool sweater over a plain or check shirt,this will give you a casual but also smart look, and warmth. With jeans, tailored trousers or chinos this jacket will compliment the rest of your attire. Smart shoes if it’s formal, Chelsea boots or suede brogues, empty your pick[kets into a simple black tote and off you go. All this will make you look like a style God and not a dad about to snow-blow his driveway.