Simple rules of wearing a scarf with style, is don’t pull the trigger on the heavy stuff in December, when it can be a little bit warmer than freezing outside. So a scarf, it’s just a strip of long fabric right? Harmless enough right? But in reality, the winter scarf can go so wrong, so easily. 

You know your feelings about scarves, you either love them or hate them, but you might also be wondering what the heck is the correct way to tie a winter scarf to what you’re wearing. It’s easy to chuck on a scarf with jeans and jacket, a little more difficult if you’re going formal. The truth is nothing has changed, keep it simple, and don’t ignore the scarf’s basic function to keep your neck warm, pay mind to the way the thing is jiving with the rest of your outfit, and you’ll be in the clear.

Scarves come in all different shapes and sizes, mainly long, but some wider, some thinner, cashmere, wool, silk and cotton. But whatever your style, always wear bulkier scarves with sturdier jackets and silk and cotton scarves with lighter jackets. Just never, never be the guy who’s wearing a huge winter scarf and t-shirt indoors, or like a washed-up-boy-band-member gone wrong. 

So knowing a few different loops is important. A casual loop dresses everything down a bit, it’s a go-to move for a reason, so feel free to wear with chunkier styles. Want to give that wrap and tuck scarf a preppy, something of a collegiate twist with a jacket and jeans. The once-around is great when the weather gets colder, if you tend to dress head to toe in neutrals, a classic pattern is a great move. And the open-and-tucked is a suit-appropriate scarf, something solid and made of a nice fabric finished with tassels.

It’s a great time to wrap up. Literally.