Your Morning Routine Sorted with LUSH Cosmetics

Ever wanted to leave the bathroom feeling fresh, smelling delicious and looking sharp, without spending half the morning there? Lush is here to help with their Vegan, Cruelty Free range of products to combat your morning ritual. Lush Cosmetics are widely known for their ethical and environmentally conscious products, bringing the truth of beauty face to face with society. With their range of quirky and fun skin products, you can leave the house feeling confident- and guilt free.


Prince Shaving Cream
Lush’s most exquisite and sophisticated triple orange blossom shaving cream, to making shaving in the mornings a pleasant experience.

Top Tip-
Lush have crammed this cream full of things to help soften your bristles, help the blade glide and protect and cushion the skin.
Good to Know-
One of the owners of Lush originally approached the company because he loved this product so much- he wanted to make sure we never stopped making it.
Special Ingredients-
Beeswax, this natural wax locks in moisture and provides a light coating for the skin to cushion it from the blade.

Dirty Springwash Shower Gel
A rapturous tingle of menthol crystals and a crisp breath of spearmint tempts like untrodden snow, galvanising you into action.
What’s Inside Counts-
While you’re as chilled as a mountain lake, a herbaceous breeze of thyme oil echoes the refreshment of open air.
Good to Know-
A pinch of sodium bicarbonate gives this gel a soft, light feel as it flows over your skin.

Rump Cheeky Balm Bottom Rub
There’s a crack in everything, it’s how the light gets in. Make your derriere great again.
How Do I Use-
Ideal for cyclists, runners and all who experience resistance where there should be ease and harmony. Rub sparingly wherever you feel friction or chaffing.
Good to Know-
Trouble squeezing your thighs into your sports gear, or does your Lycra grab you inappropriately? When your training hits a wall, this booty-ful cream will help you cross the border to pain free exercise. Don’t get angry and stormy- soothe the situation with this balm and tower above the opposition.

Groovy Kind Of Love Shower Gel
Lost your mojo? Bring it back with this refreshing twist of bergamot and freshly squeezed orange juice, swirled with soothing ylang ylang and a fresh rose petal infusion that will leave you feeling groovy, baby!
What’s Inside Counts-
Spread the love with sustainable sourced rosewood oil obtained from coppiced branches, meaning no trees were felled in the harvesting process.
Good to Know-
A light and bouncy blend of refreshing orange juice and bergamot oil will help you lift the spirits, while ylang ylang and rose dance around you.

Karma Kream Hand and Body Lotion
For Karma chameleons everywhere. A light body cream with the signature, best selling Karma perfume.
Top Tip-
Layer your favourite fragrance by moisturising your body with this light, elegant, perfumed lotion.
Good to Know-
Karma fragrance was invented by Mark in the early days of Lush and has steadfastly remained one of Lush’s best sellers. Customers tell Lush they like it, because they stand out from the crowd, when all else around them are using big, brand commercial fragrances.
Special Ingredient-
Patchouli, a very strong and smoky aroma, patchouli is part of the innovative Karma perfume.

Lord of Misrule Shower Cream
Expose yourself to this intoxicatingly naughty concoction, crowned in earthy patchouli, hot spices and frothy revelry.
What’s Inside Counts-
A positively indecent mix of spicy patchouli and stimulating black peppercorn is sweetened by fragrant vanilla.
Good to Know-
It’s time to dance naked to the cheeky, evergreen tune of lively black pepper oil and steamy showers.


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