Your Guide to Men’s Summer Style

The weather is starting to improve, and temperatures are gradually rising from those miserable sub-zero numbers we’ve seen in recent months. It’s finally time to say goodbye to winter and start looking forward to summer! Bringing in a new season only means one thing; a new wardrobe. It’s the perfect excuse to browse the latest trends and update your wardrobe with the latest styles for summer.

So, whether your personal style is throwing on a casual t-shirt and jeans, or you want to put in a little more effort this season, men’s summer style includes easy-to-wear designs, eye-catching prints and bold colours. Update your wardrobe with some of the latest styles in men’s fashion for SS18.


T-shirts are an all-year-round choice, but in summer you get the opportunity to be a little more adventurous with your style. The weather could mean abandoning your coat and showing off your latest t-shirts in all their glory, so make sure you’ve got some stylish ones hidden away in your wardrobe ready and waiting.

Choose bold colours like blue, red or orange to brighten up for wardrobe for the summer season. Don’t forget to look for embellishments like block colour stripes, contrasting panels on the sleeves or features like curved hems to create a statement look while you’re out and about.

mens t shirts

Denim jackets

Saying goodbye to your winter coat is a great feeling, but you need a summer alternative waiting in the wings. After all, a great jacket can create a strong look as well as keeping you warm in the cooler evenings. A summer must-have is the denim jacket, popular every summer season.

Opt for something unique, such as an embroidered denim jacket or distressed elements. Bleached denim jackets stand out from the norm, while patterned designs such as camo continue to be a great choice in the sun.

dark denim jacket


You no doubt already have a few pairs of jeans in your drawer, which probably includes your favourite, go-to pair. Jeans are great all year round, but for summer you might want to consider the different styles available.

Distressed or ripped knee jeans look particularly stylish in the summertime, providing some ventilation which could come in handy if you’re sat in the heat! A summer staple, that you may want to add to your collection, is a pair of white jeans. Seen as risky by some, they are a winning style for the summer months.

blazer shirt and jeans

Holiday edit

The summer season usually means a holiday or two, so it’s worth taking a look at the some of the holiday clothes emerging ready for SS18. Lightweight vests are a hugely popular trend at this time of year. Choose bold graphic prints and colours to really get in the holiday spirit. With drop armholes and racer backs, they’re easy to throw in your suitcase no matter what destination you’re exploring.

Swim shorts also become something of a fashion statement. With a flattering length, eye-catching patterns and a comfortable fit, men’s swim shorts look great in bright colours like yellow and white to really show off your tan as the summer goes on.