Your Guide to Men’s Accessories

Now that your fingers and wrists are free from wearing bulky sweaters and big coats, it’s time to give your hands and wrists some fresh air and some flair with nice jewellery. There seems to be a little confusion about what is kosher and what’s left in the jewellery box.

So if you want to get into wearing a bit of bling, where do you start? Maybe a ring or two. But don’t run out and buy a Mr. T – worthy haul all at once. You can say goodbye to the old saying that you can’t mix silver and gold jewellery. We would only recommend that you buy good quality pieces. And go for some killer contrast when you’re mixing low-end and high-end jewellery, don’t break the serious jewellery law by decreasing the influence of the look on your fingers. There’s a point at which too much jewellery can literally make you look as if you’re crying out for attention.

Every guy has some, some more than others, some like silver, some like gold, some where none, ever. We’re talking about accessories. The way to get that signature look is to make it perfect for pairing with others pieces of jewellery you have. So take your style and look up a notch with some small details, it’s an easy way to take your old look to a look that is way more laid-back and stylish.

If you have a signature look that’s about making a statement on its own you can mix-and-match what you have with other accessories, like rings, beaded bracelets, necklaces and watches.  

So get yourself a mini man cave. Think of it as a small jewellery wardrobe for all the baubles that will finish off your outfit.You know, all those bits of jewellery that are cluttering up your side table, so it’s seriously about time that all that twinkly jewellery gets sorted and organised.   

When it comes to buying rings, it’s easy to come a cropper, go over the top and too rock and roll, and you’ll look like you’re dressing up, and if you only wear one, it’ll look like a pinkie heirloom. You certainly need some bling in your life, so if you’re off out and want to sport some jewellery, don’t go overboard and look like you have robbed a summer camp’s lanyard stash, no one piece gets the (literal) shine it may well deserve.