Young & Reckless x RISK Capsule Collection

It was in the 1980s that LA based RISK gained success and attention for his graffiti work on freeway overpasses and freight trains. It wasn’t long after that the artist decided to incorporate his art into a menswear clothing brand of the same name, which has now joined forces with Young & Reckless to produce a limited-edition capsule collection.

risk 1

It seems fitting that Young & Reckless, known for bold streetwear designs, should collaborate with RISK. Known for sporty tees, vests, caps and casual bottoms, Young & Reckless came to existence in 1986, created and since led by Christopher Pfaff, who says he continues to strive to make the business “a force to be reckoned with”.

The brand refers to itself as a “lifestyle brand” which “weaves the simplicity of casual apparel with the intricacy of design”. This modus operandi has been closely adhered to for the collection designed with RISK. Even more fantastic is the story behind the collaborative venture: apparently it all started when the graffiti artist came to the Y&R headquarters to paint a large wall behind the showroom…

risk 2

That mural has been transformed into the basis of four pieces: a tank top, a bucket hat and two T-shirts, each of which boast both brands’ signatures and a blend of psychedelic colours and pizazz.

risk 3

Ever the fashion enthusiasts – of course – we at MFM are just as enthralled to see two creative disciplines come together in a successful, artful and (most importantly) really cool collaboration. Watch the video below to see art meeting fashion, and the origins of a capsule collection we’re really excited about.