You’ll never need to put a small square of toilet paper on your face again

When it comes to shaving, not everyone wants to use an electric razor, not every guy wants a cut throat shave and not every guy can get to the barbers. So what’s the next best thing you ask? Well a decent, and we mean a really decent razor.

Prepare your face: A perfect shave require more that just a dollop of shaving cream and of you go, you need to prep your face, like washing your face with hot water or taking a shower, the steam opens the pores, softens the skin and washes out the impurities from the skin. Add a few drops of pre-shave oil to lubricate and protect your skin.

Use the right tools: You need to make your shave as smooth and as clean as possible with a wet shave, and with the Barbarossa pleasingly weighty razor, you’ll be more than just pleased with the result. Apply a shaving cream using a brush, as it will build a thicker lather that’ll raise your whiskers letting you get closer to the root for an effective shaving action.

The shave: With your free hand pull your skin taut before each stroke, it keeps the blade from pulling the hair with it, which we might add will hurt. Make sure you rinse the razor with cold water between shaves to ensure that the skin is tightened.

The Aftershave: Make sure when you’re all done, you use a good moisturiser or balm to minimise irritation and stop razor rash. It’s important that you restore the hydrolipid film that has been removed from the blade.

The P1R8 Double Edge Safety Razor Set with Stand & Blades: 

Truly impressed with this double edge stainless steel razor, made of brass, hence the weighty feel, with a butterfly design that allows you to rotate the base of the handle to open the head and load the blade. The package also comes with 10 x double edge blades.

It comes with a matching robust stand, turned from solid stainless steel that is also rustproof, goes without saying really, letting you store your razor upright in between shaves, plus it’ll look good in your bathroom, a bit of a showpiece we say. And this helps you to store and protect your P1R8 for years to come, a well crafted design with simplicity at the heart and premium materials at the core.

This is the perfect gift for yourself, dad, brother or best mate, and comes in a great little presentation box, all ready for that magic gift at Christmas.

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