Yoshi Kubo RTW AW14

As you may already know, here at MFM we’re very interested in crazy ideas, in designers, photographers and fashion enthusiasts that express their passion in a weird and wonderful way. Yoshi Kubo is just this, notoriously known for having his models walk down the runway in strange hair and makeup. His reputation has not be forgotten with his 2014 RTW Fall collection.

yoshi 1

Although the focus is, of course, the clothes, Kubo has brought a new level to his designs. His models wear helmet-esque wigs, looking almost like dreadlocks or Mohawks. The stylistic choice is different and brings with it a fantastical feel. The designs themselves illuminate this with the look being casual and, indeed, read-to-wear.

The pieces range and we have rain ponchos, patterned jackets and tops, all of which reside within the dark blues, blacks and greys. What Kubo does is add wild patterns to some of his designs, strips not only lashing their way across the jacket but down to the trousers, where the look is completed with a pair of white trainers.

yoshi 2

Kubo also gives us coats, which contain puffer vests and strips of fur. Some of the outfits look almost connected, with shirts attached, fabrics intertwined and panels enhanced. The look is modern, almost futuristic and that brings together the odd nature that we’ve seen before in Kubo’s work. An oddness that is very much appreciated and welcomed.

Finally, Kubo brings with this collection cardigans and jumpers, staying true to conventional colours such as dark reds and navy but, of course, adding his mark. With them with have patterns – white and red stripes – along with a bundle of unique accessories.

Oddness is different and being different is good. It’s original; it’s refreshing, it’s what we, at MFM are all about. Yoshi Kubo has brought something exciting to the runway and we are very happy to experience it.