Yes! Matching festive coordinating is a ‘thing’

What will you be wearing this Christmas, what will you be hoping to get under the Christmas tree? As Christmas eve traditions go, putting on  a pair of brand new pyjamas has to be one of the traditions along with putting out the carrot, mince pie, and a glass of port, yes, Santa likes his drink, in the fireplace or by the cat flap. Now Shinesty is taking the excitement up a huge notch by matching everything that you wear over the Christmas and New Year. 

Influencers, bloggers and Tik Tokers have all mastered wearing matching printed pyjamas on Christmas morning. Have you, probably not. But there again, you can’t open your presents on Christmas morning in a pair of old boxer briefs and a beer stained t-shirt. Now is the time to up your Christmas game, and how to strike that balance between being festive and looking and feeling comfortable. Basically, it all comes down to presentable clothing, a plush dressing down, a coordinated pyjama set that’ll do you all day, and a decent pair of boxers, if nothing else. When you suddenly have the screaming, over-excitable kids waking you up at 5 am to open presents, believe us when we say that a cup of coffee officially counts as a menswear accessory.

The ‘Lincoln Log Love Daddy’ Red Plaid Christmas Pyjama top /Bottoms:

So get out of bed, throw on your coordinated pyjama set. Named after building block toys, the Lincoln Log pyjama set comes with them being super soft and stretchy, the top has a Henley style neckline with button closure. Loads of pockets to hide those snacks and sweets with button front, one is a remote pocket on the sleeve for hiding small secrets, and the bottoms with elastic waistband, and button fly, and more pockets. Fill your heart with some love and keep warm and cozy, all day and night.

The Plush ‘Cigar Bar’ Velvet Smoking Robe:

The humble dressing gown is not given enough credit, Cold on Christmas morning, put on the velvet dressing gown. Need a warm up after the shower, put on the velvet dressing gown. Want to impress the significant other’s family, put on the velvet dressing gown. The moral of the story is that a dressing gown is one of the few items that us lot wear each and every day.  This dressing gown in the plushest, fanciest, cosiest dressing gown ever created, it’s the best thing you’ll put on in the morning with buffalo checkers, a deep red tone and contrasted with a soft as, velvety black fabric that’s as smooth as probably your pick up lines.

The ‘Mistletits’ Bust Ball Hammock Pouch Underwear with fly.   

These bad boys are decked out in booby festive prints, with a ball hammock pouch with fly. 

So don’t forget the underwear – no one needs to see your junk on Christmas day                                                  

So if Christmas still makes you feel like a kid we say enjoy the moment with Shinesty.

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