WOULD YOU WEAR SPEEDOS? It takes balls to wear them                    

Summer is here, and that means beach, or vacation time to sunnier climes abroad. Is it time you leave your speedos behind? You’ve probably had them for years, but should you still be wearing them? Sounds simple, right? The swimwear market comes in waves of colours, patterns and shapes and obviously in a load of different styles and shapes.

You may look at some of the famous actors who emerge out of clear blue seas in the Caribbean, and are probably blessed with abs of steel and legs like Ronaldo, but should you probably be looking at more ‘beach-to-bar’ shorts than budgie smugglers. Let’s be honest, there are some of you that didn’t work hard at the gym all winter to turn up at the beach in long boardshorts, just like anything else that you wear maybe you feel that you would like to show your best assets, but the Speedo brand is not only synonymous with its name, but a serious no-nonsense, egalitarian and serious masculine option for all. 

The tech of wearing speedos isn’t really difficult, the streamlining yields drag with no excess loose material to inhibit your movement as you’re diving into the waves, from their athletic background that could justify you wearing a sporty pair of speedos affords carte blanche to unhear-of exposure. It helps that if you are a regular swimmer your body will look pretty good as there’s nothing wrong with a little incentive to stay in shape, in our opinion. 

Of course if you really want to go down the route of splashing out on a pair of swim trunks this summer, please think about your due diligence as a guy and just remember to get your topiary trimmed before hitting the surf. It has taken a while for beach guys to catch up and give up all but their junk to the open world outside, as they are accustomed to hiding their junk behind quick drying boardies with very forgiving mesh. 

Now, understandably there are self-respecting, everyday dudes, fully-grown professional men turning to wearing speedo-style swimwear with no shame, but with style. But can or will you?