Work it out – is exercise the key to saving your relationship?

It doesn’t matter how compatible you are with someone, how much you love them, or how special your connection is; relationships take work. The healthiest and happiest relationships are a constant work in progress and everyone struggles from time to time. If you and your partner seem to be going through a bit of a rocky patch at the moment, then stick about for this article. We’re going to look at how exercise could be the key to saving your relationship. 

Take care of yourselves


You love your partner and your partner loves you. This is why it is important that you both make an effort to take care of yourselves. Understand that regularly exercising isn’t just about losing weight or building muscle – it goes much deeper beyond mere aesthetics. The fact is, exercise is a crucial aspect of everyday life and it is something that we must do if we are to stay healthy. 

You don’t need to hit the gym for 2-hours a day, 7-days a week. Even if you are only getting 20/30-minutes of medium intensity cardio a day (with the weekend off if you like), that is enough to keep the proverbial wolf from the door. 

It can bring you together


Exercising is an activity that both of you can enjoy together. Understandably, committing to regular exercise can be difficult – particularly if you lead a busy lifestyle, you’re raising a family, and trying to balance your work and home life. In any case, if you and your partner decide to start exercising regularly, you’ll be able to encourage one another to stick to it. 

Another great aspect of working out with your partner is that it brings you closer. You can smash through achievements together, continually work toward your goals, and master new skills. Not only that, but if you try some couple’s exercises that require both of you to use your bodies in sync with one another it can help you reignite those feelings of intimacy, through touch. 

There is a wonderful physiological high that you get when you exercise and when sharing that with your partner it can bolster your physical attraction for one another. If you couple those natural highs with the fact that you will both start gaining strength, losing weight, and toning up – the aesthetic changes certainly can’t hurt! 

Feel more confident in your own skin


A common killer of libido is low self-esteem. If you and your partner have been neglecting your exercise lately and you don’t feel particularly sexy in your own skin, it can sap your desire to make love. As you progress through your exercise and smash through your goals, those feelings of self-doubt will soon be replaced with confidence, thus leading to more desire to have sex. 

You’ll have more energy 

The more you exercise the more energised you will feel and this can work wonders for your sex life. While you can buy male sex toys such as cock rings to help with maintaining an erection during sex, men who dedicate more time to exercise and healthier lifestyle choices are likely to struggle less with erectile dysfunction. Instead, you can buy sex toys purely for enhanced pleasure – as opposed to aiding performance. 

Take each day as it comes 

The thought of getting back into exercise after a while of not being active is daunting. However, rather than think about the long-term, just focus on today. How much can you both do today? Even if you spend 10-minutes doing some yoga together in the morning – it’s something. Take each day as it comes and push one another to keep going. It could just be the remedy you’ve both been yearning for.