Wooden TV Units – Adding class to your Netflix and Chill Sessions

Like it or loathe it, the chances are that your (increasingly large) flat screen television and associated sound bar or home cinema audio equipment dominate your living space. Having flat screen televisions and sound bars wall-mounted is an option that only works for select rooms so there is a high probability that you have some sort of TV stand or unit.

Now be honest, have you gone for a flat-packed unit from a well-known Swedish furniture chain? Whatever you dohave, imagine replacing it with a high quality wood unit. Remember how beautiful wood feels and smells and the satisfying tactile nature of quality craftsmanship? Well why not give your space that stunning contrast between old and new, bringing some much needed elegance and style to complement that high-tech screen?

There are so many beautiful wooden TV units on the market that the only problem is that once you have made the decision to take the plunge, you are swamped for choice. So maybe the best thing to do is to sit down and brainstorm, writing down descriptive characteristics you’d like your furniture to have. For instance:

  • Solid
  • Retro
  • Funky
  • Sleek

These key words may lead you down this sort of retro, well-made Indian wood piece. As you can see it really is a beautiful piece of furniture and at less than £300 it is ample evidence that you need not break the bank to introduce something special that adds a retro contrast to your ultra-modern TV set, softening the harsh lines that modern technology introduces to the house at the same time.

You may, instead want:

  • Traditional
  • Classy
  • Posh
  • Luxurious

In this case, perhaps money is less of an object and you could look to either high end contemporary pieces or browse antique furniture shops and reclamation yards for premium products. On the other hand, there are examples of more affordable pieces such as the retro unit above, in a more traditional style that achieve the look without the premium of a period antique piece.

Of course there are other options than wood – there are some incredible metal, industrial effect units and upcycled pieces for those living in converted warehouse apartments for instance, but most of us live in spaces that are sadly devoid of quality wood these days. Wood is a material that has such a calming and comforting effect and if you are going to spend long periods watching your favourite new series on Netflix or Prime, then what better contrast than a beautiful piece of wooden furniture to keep things chilled.

The beauty of many of the quality wooden TV stands on the market is that they combine aesthetically pleasing looks with high functionality. You could opt for a piece that comes with exceptionally spacious storage space. Many offer you the ability to store all of your remotes and instructions, plenty of Blu-rays or DVDs a PlayStation or Xbox and associated games, or if you like to mix things up with some retro board games, you can store them too.

The point is that well-made, well thought out wooden TV units bring a welcome touch of class as well as durability, practicality and aesthetics to your living space without the need to go out and spend a thousand pounds on a genuine antique. Remember that if you choose an iconic design and a well-made piece then today’s modern furniture will become tomorrow’s antique pieces. Buy well and you are not only investing in your own state of mind and your home’s look, but you are buying a solid piece that could prove a sound investment.