Winter Essentials: Roll Neck Jumpers

Winter is, for many, a wonderful time of year; it brings forth new seasonal styles, Christmas and (if you’re fond of it) snow. The cold is something I am prone to feeling a little more than others so the obsession over knitwear and new or returning styles becomes completely understandable.

There are always going to be key items each season that we feel are a must have for many gents and, as always, we let you know as soon as we become obsessed. One item in particular that we have noticed is starting to get a lot of attention is the roll neck jumper.

rollneck 1

The great thing about this piece is its simplicity and how easy it is to look stylish with very little effort. Whether you want to look cool like Steve McQueen or simply fancy the look of a Parisian artist or a cool and brooding writer then this piece is a must for any gents’ wardrobe.

rollneck 2

What we think of in roll neck sweaters is the simplicity that comes to mind, and how the addition of a rolled collar can make a transformation on what would otherwise be a simple jumper. The idea of simplicity is something that should be focused on when considering how to wear a piece like this, although it is one of those wonderful pieces that really doesn’t take a lot of effort at all.

Throw it on with some tailored trousers and a really nice pair of shoes and you have the easiest and most stylish outfit you ever had to put together. They also look great as part of a suit.

rollneck 3

These jumpers aren’t just for formal occasion, they also look great with jeans or chinos, and a cool pair of trainers and a Harrington jacket thrown on top. We also love that you don’t really need to wear anything else underneath such a jumper because it keeps you nice and warm.

There is also no need for a shirt because, let’s face it, you wouldn’t actually see it. How you wear it is up to you and we think it is one of the pieces that, when purchased, you will be grateful that we recommended it.

rollneck 4

We have also spotted in many fashion retail locations this idea of colour blocking and adding additional colours, textures or even prints to these pieces to offer up something a bit more ‘out there’ in terms of choice.

There are many men who are now being bolder (and dare we say braver) with their fashion choices so this kind of piece may be something worthwhile looking into getting. Sartorially speaking many of us here at MFM HQ have a fond affection for tradition and simplicity, but even some of the bolder roll neck jumpers have been catching our eyes.

Check out our top roll neck picks below and see what you think.

The Pieces

merino rollneckbrown rollneckblack rollnecks

lauren rollneckcable rollneckscotch rollneck

red villain jumpernoose rollneckvillain rollneck

blocked rollnecksolid rollneckorange rollneck

Final Word

This time of year is when we really like nice simple pieces to throw on, wrap up warm and just go. In particular family gatherings are perfect for sporting this kind of look because it is still comfy yet you look like you’ve still made an effort on Christmas day. It’s going to be getting pretty cold pretty quickly so now is the perfect time to invest in one or five roll neck jumpers.