WILKINSON SWORD: The gardening tool collection

A name that springs to mind, and we mean literally when we are talking about the gardening tools that they produce. With over 100 years of cutting excellence is all you need for a well pruned, trimmed and raked garden this summer. All coming with a 10 year guarantee!

So how do you keep your garden looking great? It’s not just about buying a few plants and mowing the lawn, there’s an element of love and care. A great garden isn’t just about what you plant, it’s all about what you want from your garden and the overall appearance too. You can plant pretty flowers but don’t forget the effort you will need to maintain your garden too, and keep it looking beautiful day after day all year round. 

One of the most important things about gardening is the implements that you use. Good craftsmanship comes from good tools.

Creating a garden is hard work, planting, sowing, mowing, raking, watering, pruning and digging,- and that is just in one season! If you’re up to start planting, you need to know your plants and the areas that you want to put them in and will they grow there? 

So, work with the seasons, and make sure you have garden tools for every season. In summer keep your plants well watered and in autumn-winter make sure your garden doesn’t become a haven for pests, remove debris and dead foliage and weed your garden before tilling the soil. And there’s always a good time to have a compost, use healthy foliage and garden debris so that when planting times comes you’ll have a jump start on healthy plants.

Wilkinson Sword garden tool collection: 

WS 28” Splitting Metal Axe:

Specially designed to chop logs and manageable pieces of wood effectively. Great if you have an open fire or woodburner, as this splitting axe is far more effective than chopping as it leads to less waste. You can apply more force due to the 71cm handle that  so that in tough conditions the axe works hard. Great for the hands, the handle comes with shock-absorbing fibreglass and nylon, that is stronger than steel and has a non-slip soft grip. Complete with head cover for storage.

WS Metal 20.5” Brush Hook & Saw:

Mix of contemporary and traditional clearing tools to get ready for after the summer has gone.

With a saw that’s lightweight and has a much needed soft grip handles that  give you complete comfort when you’re sawing for England! Ideal for splitting down perennials and cutting any bushes, perennials or plants ready for next spring.

WS Metal Multitool Max:

The great all-rounder, that you can use in any place, and any time. The multi-tool is as versatile as it’s functional, clips on your clothes, rucksacks and great when trekking, walking, camping or just a keep-near gardening helper. With pliers, wire cutters, bottle opener, flat screwdriver, can opener, flat Phillips screwdriver,knife, saw and carabin. Every little gadget you’ll need for a handy home-camping tool. Great for opening that beer too!.

MC Stainless Steel Soil Rake:

This one will last forever, offering high quality performance with an ergonomically  designed handle. Made to deal with all that the soil can throw at you, lumps, debris and whatever comes up. Rust proof and pretty good looking too.