Why You Should Invest in The Best Shoes on the Market with Tudor. Tailor

Tudor. Personal Tailor, a European fashion label of British inspiration and Italian craftsmanship implemented a 3D app that helps customers customize and “engrave their footprint” on the shoe pair of choice.

Following our previous article, we had the pleasure to design our own pair of their classic shoes using the 3D app. Upon using this quick and easy to follow service, we had designed our perfect shoe and all that was left was to wait patiently for them to be custom made just for us.

We chose to go for a combination of contemporary merged with classic with a double buckle feature and a bold red sole. Every element of the shoe is completely customisable and it is not only fun, but incredible to see your creation come to light.

Upon receiving our dream design, we were absolutely elated. Taking an average of 3-4 weeks to be custom made by the finest shoemakers in Europe, our Tudor. Tailor shoes had arrived.

Our expectations were exceeded from the online design experience alone, however our minds where blown upon receiving them. Not only are they simply the smartest and suavest pair of shoes we have ever seen, they are also the finest and highest quality pair we’ve ever laid eyes on.

The attention to detail is truly exceptional, and you can truly see the true craftsmanship that goes into each element of them. Tudor. Tailor has proven that fashion is art, and that quality overrides all. Why settle for anything less than perfection when you can have a pair of custom made Italian Leather shoes by Tudor. Tailor?

To create your own custom shoes, it will cost you €383, and you can find more information over on www.tudor-tailor.com/en/custom-shoe. Compared to competitor prices, this is an absolute steal in the market when you consider the time, effort and quality of the piece.

We went for the Double Monk leather shoes. With this technique, the base of the shoe is sewn by the sole. The advantages of this technique are that you can change the soles of a pair of shoes several times without damaging the faces whose skin retains its natural properties for a long time. and because of the cork on the sole, this shoe is very comfortable.

This exclusive finish guarantees extreme durability and high quality shoe shine.

For more information, check out: www.tudor-tailor.com/en/