Why the Phone Case is the Most Important Part of your Wardrobe

The new must have accessory isn’t a watch, nor the latest bag- its the latest phone and its accompanying phone case.

In your everyday life, what do you have on you at all times? Something that follows you everywhere, slipping into your back pocket or into your briefcase. You check the weather, news and the latest texts from your significant other. We wear a jacket to protect our bodies from the elements, we protect our new suede shoes to stop them from spoiling- so why not protect the £1,000+ piece of kit thats sitting in your pocket?!

Chips with everything … the Moschino fries case. Photograph: SIPA/REX/Shutterstock

Whether it be following the latest fashion trend, or keeping it chic and simple. We have the perfect guide to kit out your gadget with the best protection whilst keeping yourself up to date with the latest that trends have to offer.

Much like a Rolex watch on your wrist, or a beautiful partner around your arm, we are proud to show off the things that mean a lot to us. The latest status symbol has become the elite use of phone cases. Show off your power and knowledge of the industry with the latest in all things designer with your phone case.

For an ethical approach, go ECO with the new trend wave of eco-conscious phone cases. With an influx of recycled and zero waste products flooding the market, we’re here to help you differentiate between the duds and the ones worth investing in.

Get personal with the new range of eco-leather cases from Uunique– get them personalised with your initials to keep up with the trend that no-one will keep up with. Out run your competitors and put your front foot forward with the contemporary wave of ECO CASES.

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