Well would you believe that there is more to blue than blue, but think about the new blues, electric indigo, denim blue, admiral blue, and then there’s blue and then there’s Royal blue or French blue as it’s sometimes called, and it’s blue, for sure, but does have that little extra zing, that make it rise ever so slightly above other navy shades, which in itself is important for any man  who needs to portray a sense of seriousness, as well as youthfulness, forward-thinking vigour. 

And like a moth to a weak flame we can’t seem to get enough of this colour, well it is the most guys’ go-to-colour for really one very good reason: every man looks good in it. But when you wear the same colour over and over again, guys tend to go on autopilot when they are getting dressed. So wearing blue effectively means thinking about what pieces to choose, dark-washed indigo denim jeans are ideal for incorporating blue in your casual style, especially for your weekend adventuring, when you need something  more put together.

Go monochrome if this is what we are talking about, all navy blue, all ways, always, as to be honest blue does work better than say black for pairing as it’s a much more sombre colour, even depressing if you wear it too frequently or even in conjunction with other drab colours. Keeping things light and airy, we like navy drawstring trousers, slouchy but smart, and wear with a crew neck navy sweatshirt on top, there are an endless number of ways to prove that you’re not a full-time Netflix sofa potato using this colour combination. 

Dark blue jeans look great with a slightly lighter navy blue shirt or t-shirt and cashmere or merino sweater, you can even wear a navy suit and navy shirt, it seems to be a sway away from wearing all black suit and black shirt as if you’re off to a funeral.

If you want to wear a smart, stylish navy blazer to your increasingly casual work, go monochrome again, dress it down with a fine gauge navy polo neck sweater, make it simpler, and generally look like you are a guy not to be messed with an all-navy base. And wearing all one tone makes matching clothes a breeze.