Why Experimenting with Positions Should Be Every Guy’s Priority

If you’re like most guys, having a fantastic sex life is likely pretty high on your list of personal priorities. But it’s important to understand that there’s more than one way to do that. Experimenting with different sexual positions is more than just a way to keep sex exciting and smoking hot, especially over time.

Every possible position brings something different to the table, so it’s well worth your while to explore a full range of them. Here’s a closer look at how adding a wide variety of positions to your repertoire can be more of a game-changer than you ever imagined.

It’s a universally accessible way to spice things up.

Even the most sexually creative people eventually run the risk of falling into a sexual rut, especially if they’re in long-term relationships. Making a conscious effort to explore new territory and keep things spicy between the sheets is a start. But not everyone’s partner is necessarily into exploring kink or a whole host of new sex acts.

However, most people are comfortable trying out new sex positions, so they’re an option that’s pretty much always on the table, even for the shyest, most bashful people. 

It helps you channel your inner adventurer.

Everyone has a side of themselves that loves to explore and experiment in life. But it’s easy to forget that when work, family responsibilities, and social obligations start demanding more of a person’s time and energy. Sex can be a great way to keep that from happening. 

Regularly trying new things in the bedroom – including new positions – keeps a person creative, curious, and adventurous. It’s also bound to lead to a better, more satisfying sex life. But turning adventurousness into a habit in this way often makes it easier to be more open to new experiences in other aspects of your life, as well.

It can take the guesswork out of pleasing a partner.

Not all positions are equal when it comes to sexual pleasure. For example, many guys love positions like doggie style and reverse cowgirl because they bring both deep penetration and a fantastic view to the table. It should make sense that women also have favorite positions that maximize their pleasure. 

That said, every guy who dreams of rocking his female partner’s world between the sheets owes it to himself to figure out which positions really do it for her. Master them until you can execute them like a pro. Your partner will thank you for it, especially when you know the top 5 sex positions that help men last longer in bed.

It’s great exercise.

Not everyone is lucky enough to be a born exercise nut who loves nothing better than to hit the gym and pump iron all afternoon. Plenty of guys have to work at staying in shape and being consistent enough with their exercise routines. But that’s part of the beauty of sex. The fact that it’s so enjoyable makes it easy to forget that it’s exercise.

And just as switching things up at the gym and pushing your body’s limits can make you stronger and faster, switching things up in the bedroom can do something similar. Exploring different positions and making it a point to enjoy each one regularly keeps your body flexible. Many positions also help build strength and promote better stamina, as well.

It’s great for your self-image.

Everyone – even the most confident, popular guy you know – has insecurities and personal qualities they’re not so proud of. Those insecurities can make it really tempting to just stay in your comfort zone and stick to what you already know you’re good at. But that’s not how people get better, build confidence, or become the best possible versions of themselves.

A person’s sex life often mirrors their public life in more ways than they realize. That said, people who are confident, adventurous, and poised in the bedroom are much more likely to exhibit confidence in their lives outside of the bedroom, as well. Trying and perfecting different positions – including a few that are more challenging – is a terrific way to feel like the king of the world.

It can deepen intimacy.

If you’re in a long-term relationship, then you likely already know how much intimacy matters. It’s what keeps you close and united over time, especially when the road gets bumpy, so it’s a good idea to embrace opportunities to strengthen your sense of intimacy with one another.

Trying new things together in the bedroom – especially things that call for vulnerability, trust, and openness – can be a powerful bonding experience that brings you closer as a couple. Positions are an approachable way to do that, especially for couples who are shy or new to the idea of spicing things up between the sheets.

Ultimately, a position switch is one of the simplest, easiest ways to upgrade your sex life in ways that will likely also benefit your life outside of the bedroom. So try it and see for yourself.