There are plenty of men in the 21st century who love gambling, and at this point it is no real secret – much like men’s love of football. However, we wanted to figure out why some men seem to have a predisposition to gambling.

There are mainly two stereotypes when it comes to gamblers. The first is the James Bond type figure who shows up in an elegant suit and tie. The second is the degenerate who lives for playing games of chance. In reality, gamblers come in all shapes and sizes, but what we can be certain of is that the majority of gamblers are men. But why?

  1. Showing Off Your Style

Casinos are an easy place to visit where you will not look out of place in a sophisticated and elegant suit and tie. Most casinos allow anyone to become a member without having to wait. Furthermore, dressing confidently in a suit seems to have some symmetry with being confident at the gambling tables. In theory, the more confident you feel, the better your brain will work. When playing skill games like Blackjack, it literally pays to look and feel confident.

Fake it until you make it is thrown around often, but there’s no better way to feel confident about yourself then by dressing your best.

  1. Nothing Beats the Feeling of Winning

Who doesn’t love the feeling of winning? Whilst winning is not the be all and end all, it always feels good, right? There are plenty of gambling games which offer plenty of opportunities for winning. Pretty much all of them have hands, and it can take minutes for each hand to be complete. Gambling is not like playing a sport where you play over 90 minutes etc and then there is either a winner or a loser. In one hour, everyone at the table might have won numerous times.

Whether playing online or offline, the majority of men gamble because they want to feel that sensation of winning. The science behind gambling proves that wins produce extra serotonin in the brain which makes the winner feel good. What’s more, winning when playing a game like Poker or Blackjack will usually result in winning money too.

  1. It Gives Some Men a Sense of Purpose

As well as a sense of purpose, for plenty of men gambling is their full time job. With the advent of online gambling, access to gambling games has never been easier. Professional Poker players, for example, can spend several hours per day grinding the Poker tables as this is the way they earn their living.

In the past decade or so, gambling streamers have come to fruition. Using streaming platforms such as Twitch and YouTube, streamers show themselves playing online slots and live casino games. The streamers earn money doing this from ad revenue and the streaming services themselves. Not only do men enjoy gambling, they also enjoy watching other men gamble.

  1. A Community Feeling

Although it seems that the gambling community might be dog eat dog, that really isn’t the case. High stakes gambling in particular can be traumatic, especially if you’re on the end of a big loss. This is why there is a sense of community between gamblers.

To take Poker players as an example, many of them like to talk to others about different hands they have played as well as to share knowledge. Bad beat stories are also common to hear and this can be a healthy approach too. As men, it is important and healthy to talk out our feelings to each other.

  1. Pure Entertainment

The number one reason why men gamble is for entertainment purposes. This should not be a surprise as the majority of the best casino games are centuries old and have always been played for fun. In addition, there are lots of skill games which can be gambled on. Poker and Blackjack are two great examples where you can study the game in order to get better.

Even luck-based gambling games such as Roulette or slots are entertaining too. In fact, such games are literally developed and designed to be as entertaining and as exciting as possible.


Every man has his own reasons for loving gambling and playing games of chance. We hope that the five reasons we have given help you to understand exactly why some men love gambling. Playing and winning and enjoying the moment is exactly what gambling is all about and that is why men love it.