Why Albam Should Be In Everyone’s Wardrobe

At one point or another, we’ve all become frustrated with our clothes, frustrated with what brands are offering us and generally tired of our once favourite outfits. This is something that the lads at Albam felt, but instead of moaning for a bit and then getting over it, they decided to make their own clothes, and I for one am so glad they did.

It all began with the humble t-shirt, which on the face of it is the most simple of all our wardrobe staples. It turns out, however, to be damn hard to perfect. It took them a year to create theirs and honestly, their dedication and graft shines through. There’s a reason it’s still one of their best selling items.

Albam stands out as a brand to get involved in due to their relatively small, yet unbelievably wearable and high quality pieces that well and truly justify their cost thanks to the longevity of each piece. With every season that passes, they manage to bring out pieces that all work so well together. Albam is, for me at least, a one stop shop that is consistently producing classic menswear with a twist, drawing inspiration from workwear and sports and allowing them to produce items you’ll not only want to wear now but for years to come.

I’ve spoken previously about the “must have” workwear jacket and Albam successfully turn out some of the best on the market season after season. Taking inspiration from trades such as carpentry and baking, and adding their only subtle details to uplift the piece, only using the most sustainable materials, in turn creating a piece that’s not only great to wear, but also great for the planet.

For me, Albam hit every target there is to hit when it comes to classic menswear and for that reason, I believe at least one piece should be in everybody’s wardrobe.

Written by Tom Loughran