Are you one of those guys that shies away from prints, florals, stripes, patterns or even colour clashing? If you do dare to gold bold do you coordinate it with the basic colours, white, black or navy? There is a place in summer when drifting into the patterns and prints can actually compliment you. But there are buccaneers who push us to dare, they are not afraid of colour.

So why do we not see much bright clothing? There are those who might associate bright colours with femininity, only if you wear head-to-toe in pink maybe, but that’s a great colour to wear, you know sweaters, hoodies etc: but does it perpetuate the notion that men should stick to more neutral or subdued tones? Men may fear that wearing bright clothes will challenge traditional masculine ideals or invite judgement from others and while it’s important to note that not all men share this fear, there are some potential reasons why some men may be hesitant to embrace vibrant colours in their wardrobe

Is there a fear of standing out, by wearing bright colours, sure it can draw attention, but maybe that’s a good thing, and some men may prefer to blend in or maintain a low profile, quite why, is another question. Let’s get an example that maybe British guys can follow, the Italian fashion culture celebrates self-expression and embraces colour as a way to showcase personality and creativity. By incorporating bold and vibrant hues into their outfits, Italians demonstrate their love for colour and their ability to make a statement through their fashion choices.

Generally, you don’t see very men wearing a flamboyant shirt, or a bright red polo shirt, or red jeans, maybe a red jacket, but if you look Men may simply be less accustomed to seeing other men wearing bright clothes, leading to a lack of familiarity or confidence in pulling off such looks. Limited exposure to diverse fashion choices can contribute to a narrower perception of what is socially acceptable, but Italians are known for wearing colourful outerwear, such as bright trousers or statement jackets. A vivid red, mustard yellow, or cobalt blue coat can instantly liven up an outfit and make a pretty neat statement.

In the vibrant world of men’s summer fashion, prints and patterns are an excellent way to add flair, personality, and visual interest to outfits. From tropical motifs to bold stripes and playful florals, incorporating prints and patterns into your summer style can give you a great look and make a sartorial statement. One popular choice for summer is tropical motifs, a great vacation look, you know that tee or shirt that has parrots all over it, palm leaves, exotic flowers, or vibrant fruits, For those seeking a more adventurous style, floral prints offer a playful and eye-catching option, floral shirts, whether in vibrant or subdued tones, instantly add a touch of whimsy to any outfit is the best way to start off your summer print  wardrobe through Hawaiian shirts, short-sleeved button-downs, or swim trunks.

Nautical stripes are another timeless pattern that exudes a classic maritime charm, one of our favourite prints on casual or formal shirts, you can opt for navy and white or red and white striped T-shirts or polo shirts, which pair well with tailored shorts or lightweight chinos and if you want to try seeking a more adventurous style try  floral prints, whether in vibrant or subdued tones, instantly add a touch of whimsy to any outfit. Just wear solid coloured jeans, white always looks good, and with the boldness of the print, pair the floral shirt with solid-coloured shorts or trousers in complementary shades.

Brighten up guys, you’re looking a bit dull this summer.