Times up, you’re looking at your trainers and quite frankly they are a mess.

But buying new trainers seems to be fairly straightforward. You go to your local Mall, you choose a pair and you go home, or you log on to a website, select the pair and then go about your day. Not even close or that 

Easy. The best way to find the right trainers is probably not through an online search, unless you’re pretty familiar with them. It’s all about going to a specialist store and trying the damn shoes on. Your feet are like fingerprints; totally unique to you and every shoe is going to be contoured differently and that means different sensations. 

Trainers come in so many variations, and every brand has tried to throw one new one out  every season, but not all get it right. You need to though. When going for the pristine white traine, you need to get the right shoe for the job. There are a lot of trainers out there, but  they aren’t all necessarily right for you. Obviously fit is everything, and if the trainers don’t ultimately feel instantly comfortable when you put them on, move on to the next pair, as trainers don’t need to be worn several times to be broken in, when you try them on, they should feel like a nice fit, comfortable and look good as well.

Shop smart, don’t buy in the morning, go for the afternoon, feet swell through the days, so this will ensure you don’t buy too small, you’ll be surprised how many trainers vary in a different size even if they are your size.

There’s nowhere to hide when you want to buy white trainers so make sure that every element needs is on on point.From minimalist trainers like Triple White Nike Waffle Debut, Adidas Ozweego, Nike x Sacai Vapor Waffle, white Vans Old School or the white New Balance 550, these white trainers will shine the brightest in your wardrobe, even if they are the only pair! As fashion gets, you’ll definitely own a couple pairs we hope, if you’re sensible.

But remember, don’t be tight when it comes to buying a decent pair of trainers, you’ll need to spend at least £60-70 upwards (and the rest!)  for the best pair of trainers you want. So if you’re feeling flush, try on a couple of different pairs then buy them both. Some will go with all your casual smart style and others will look great with your off-duty weekend tracksuit or really casual mood. 

Not convinced you want to fork out? So when you come down with a hankering for a pair of pristine white kicks, get down to your local Foot Locker and see for yourself, the chances are that there will be every shoe in stock and probably in with a full run of sizes too. And fork out for a very reasonable price for these bad boys that you want.