Which Casino Outfits to Wear on a Saturday Night in Vegas

Have you booked your flight to the City of Sin? Gambling, drinking, dancing and all manner of fun activities to fill a weekend with are all available in Las Vegas, which is why people from all over the world flock to the strip. So how do you stand out in a good way in Las Vegas? We’re looking at some fashionable tips to try out on your next trip to the party dessert.

Know your casino dress code

Be careful of where you expect to go. Some venues in Las Vegas are more exclusive and will have a dress code. This can range from as simple as “no flip flops” to black tie events. Consider contacting or looking up the venue or the organisers of an event to understand the dress code, because there will be nothing more embarrassing than showing up to an event where everyone is wearing a tux with jeans and a t-shirt.

Keep a well-fitting suit or tuxedo in your suitcase just in case. It’s always the better option anyway. You can dress elements of it down for a smart-casual look, and it’s always better to look overdressed than underdressed. For a happy medium, bring a sports coat. With nice trousers and a button-down shirt you can create a polished yet relaxed look. Play with bold colours and patterns like checks or stripes. Finding a full guide to casino outfits and dress code might be the best place to start.

But know when to be comfy

That’s not to say that you have to stay in your best-dressed outfits all day. Las Vegas is stereotypically about the nightlife, but there are lots of things to do during the sunlight hours beyond sleeping off a hangover. Opt for fabrics that breathe in the Nevada sun and shoes that you can walk and stand in throughout the day and night. Remember a night in the clubs can be as much a workout as an hour in the gym.

Bring the glamour

The ladies aren’t the only ones who can bring the glamour on a night out in Las Vegas. Not every occasion calls for jeans and a slogan tee, and in fact, as we’ve addressed, some might outlaw them. The suit and tie look is pretty standard, but you can add a bit of flair with an eye-catching watch, pocket square, trendy socks, or statement cufflinks.

An elegant watch instantly elevates a look. Go for sleek metals like stainless steel or rose gold and leather and metal watch bands work well with a good suit. You can add some glitter in your cufflinks with a bold colour or pattern to make a statement with formal wear. Opt for interesting shapes like squares, ovals, or rectangles. Personalized initial or monogram cufflinks can add personality.

Consider coordination

If you’re going out with a woman on your arm, maybe take a peek at her hanging outfit in your hotel wardrobe or ask her what colour she’ll be wearing. It’s a good opportunity for you two to do some coordinating. You can add flashes of her dress’ colour to your suit to coordinate. This can be bold, as with the colour of your shirt, or just little touches in your tie, socks, pocket square, and suspenders.

Stop at the barber’s

The best accessory to any outfit is your face, so consider finding a local barber to freshen up your look. Vegas might be Party City but it is also a city of citizens and visitors trying to look good, which means there’s a barber on every corner just like any other city. Consider getting a new look or simply a refresher. Treat yourself to a professional shave so you look your best before you’ve been thoroughly relaxed before you head out.

Try not to look like a tourist

This is Party City. Sure, everyone’s coming in from outside, but you don’t have to make it obvious. Would you enter the club or a good bar with your tourist gear on? No one wants to look like a tourist because you’ll be taken for everything you have and the locals will already be tired of trying to deal with you.

So, once you have arrived at your hotel, dump almost everything. The backpack isn’t needed to go shopping, drinking, gambling, or anything else you can do in Vegas. Keep your guidebook in your phone, leave the hometown logos or teams at home, and there are a few items that simply scream “tourist” that should be left at home:

·         Cargo shorts

·         Flip flops

·         Visors

·         Parkas

·         Basically anything that would be seen in a hillwalking expedition more than the City of Sin.

·         Selfie sticks

It’s like putting a target on your back. Suddenly you’re paying out the nose for a rose you didn’t want rather than looking like a dapper guy on the way to this year’s hottest party.


If you want to make the most of your time in Vegas and get into the hottest venues with the best parties, it’s important to make sure you look the part. Follow our tips to be the best looking thing on the Strip.