Which casino game has influenced casino fashion the most 

All over the world, people dress differently according to their culture, interests and the latest fashion trends. In fact, fashion has had a huge impact on many different sectors including the casino world. Throughout the years, casinos have been associated with very strict dress codes with visitors required to wear formal attire such as suits and dresses with high heels. As the casino realm has many influences, it is worth exploring which casino game has influenced casino fashion the most.

Firstly, it is worth noting that casino games were always associated with regal outfits as high rollers would frequent high class casino establishments to play exciting casino games. Before long, everyday people were attempting to enter this opulent world by dressing in the same way. However, nowadays it is common for casino fans to prefer to wear more comfortable clothing while they play at a casino. This is particularly the case with slots that can be played from home where people can take advantage of free spins. As casino enthusiasts can now play this type of game without having to visit a physical casino, there is no need for them to dress in uncomfortable or restrictive clothing.

Of course table games are notable for having had a huge influence on casino fashion. Poker is one of the most popular casino games and ever since its humble beginnings, those playing the game have had to realise that sophistication has to come before practicality. For instance, tuxedos and suits are commonly worn by men at casino games whereas stilettos and classy dresses were embraced by women who would either watch the game being played or participate in it. This dress code even applies to the croupier or dealer who is expected to wear formal clothes such as a shirt, a bow tie, black trousers, and a waistcoat. They are also typically expected to wear their hair short and have it groomed well. In recent years, those people who are hosting poker games at home like to opt for casual clothes such as jeans, a T-shirt and a smart jacket.

Furthermore, it is also the representation of table games in the media that also influenced the world of fashion. Baccarat is the preferred game for James Bond and the secret agent is known for dressing up for the occasion. For example, the classic James Bond tuxedo became synonymous not only with casinos, but also with high end fashion in general.  In movies like Casino Royale in 2006, James Bond wears a classic black tux with single button fastening, silk peak lapels and silk jetted pockets.

Moreover, with roulette, the dress code is quite similar to other table games you’d find at a casino. For example, most roulette players stick to wearing formal attire. However, roulette fashion has also taken on a life of its own thanks to popular films. For example, in ‘Diamonds are Forever’ the glamour of playing roulette shines through the screen. Those sitting around the roulette table in this film wear glitzy outfits with the women adorning sparkly dresses. Those who have seen the film also take inspiration from the various accessories worn by those playing roulette. In fact, roulette has inspired many casino fans to enhance their look with an extra layer of sophistication. For example, it has influenced many women to wear jewellery such as statement earrings, a beautiful necklace, a dazzling bracelet or hair accessories. They also take handbags with them to carry their cash that they are going to bet as well as any makeup they want to top up. Men have also been inspired by fashion trends around the game of roulette as they have begun to incorporate accessories such as watches into their casino look.

In addition, as blackjack involves multiple people playing, there has been a tendency for fans of the game to dress to impress. As many blackjack fans also play the game in private gaming saloons, they have begun to adhere to the specific dress code that the casino has enforced. Of course, whatever casino game you are playing, you will need to take into consideration what type of venue you are entering so that you can choose between formal or semi-formal style. While the dress code at really famous gaming venues is more lenient, more niche gaming venues may ask you to change if you wear such items like open shoes or outfits that are too casual.

Ultimately, as there are so many casino games to choose from nowadays, there is no doubt that each one has had an impact on casino fashion in some shape or form. From online slot games popularising casual attire such as joggers and table games such as poker and blackjack being linked to formal fashion such as suits, it is interesting to see how the casino world has been transformed by various casino games.