Will they be chunky, skinny, moody, or just painfully cool?

Summer is like a fashion whirlwind, especially if you’re in a place with four seasons or unpredictable weather – which, let’s be real, is basically everywhere. One minute you’re enjoying a sidewalk cafe, and the next you’re navigating a three-day rain marathon. It’s that time of the year when picking an outfit becomes a bit of a puzzle because your choices need to be versatile and when it comes to dressing up, nothing makes a bigger statement than your choice of shoes. That’s why we’re giving you shoe wisdom to make this summer-autumn your most stylish season ever. We’ve rounded up ta few pairs of shoe styles, guiding you on what’s worth being on your feet and how to rock them almost every day if you’re up for it.

And hey, if you’ve shrugged off loafers as too formal, it’s time to rethink, as loafers aren’t just for the office anymore – they effortlessly vibe with street-smart outfits and dance right into that casual-cool zone. Now, let’s talk about espadrilles – your ticket to summer vibes without baring your toes. These lightweight, easy-to-pack wonders are your go-to for vacations and opt for darker hues to tackle urban exploration or grassy adventures, and make sure to keep those soles dry to keep them in top shape.

Don’t think we forgot about boat shoes, so let’s debunk any misconceptions about boat shoes. They’re your ultimate pick for hassle-free slip-on-and-go style, comfortable and breathable, they come in more colours than most other summer shoes. This timeless design has sailed right back into fashion, so leave those old-school stereotypes behind; boat shoes are your go-to for laid-back style with a touch of sophistication. 

If you’re aiming for that relaxed summer feel without revealing your toes, set your sights on a pair of  espadrilles – your gateway to those summer vibes without going all out with your toes. These are the lightweight, packable heroes that should top your vacation list, go for deeper shades if you’re hitting city streets or grassy spots – and remember, keep those soles away from moisture to keep them in top-notch condition. Picture them with linen suits for that Miami Vice coolness or with shorts and a tee for an effortlessly relaxed look.

And how about just plain old sneakers? Usually crafted from leather or canvas, these everyday gems are just what you want to wear when the days get a little cooler, just keep them pristine white. So, if rain’s even a distant possibility, in urban terrains or out in the country, lean towards darker shades to fend off the dirt. And don’t worry if they get a little messy – grab an old toothbrush and some detergent to scrub away the stains. Just remember, keeping your shoes looking good is as important as keeping yourself looking good.