What to wear today this October

When the weather starts to change, you’ll need to layer up as October is pretty special. A seasonal gift – blazing red, green and orange autumn leaves, where it is still, on occasion, warm enough to wear a t-shirt and shorts, and jeans and a light sweater, but it’s also time to start thinking about getting a few pieces of warmer clothing ready. 

And then there’s that foot-in-the-leaves shuffle you’ve done since school. It’s an exciting time in autumn, but also a little hard to get dressed TBH! That’s where we come in.

Armor Lux – The Breton Striped Shirt 

Most people love something striped at one stage or the other. But the Breton, you see, is absolutely fine, and to rescue it from that old way of thinking, you just need to change how you wear it. The Breton is a proud identifier, a shirt for people who don’t wear plain, it speaks of good-but-simple tastes. So each Autumn, those twenty stripes or so resurface, bring you that intoxicating air of the French Riviera, and that comfortable feel of French style, looking stylish, along with a set of lifestyle choices. 

Whether you want to look smart for work, shaper for the evening or just laid back for the weekend, the Breton striped ‘Houat’ thick shirt in 100% cotton is a stylish upgrade from your plain shirt and a great way to start experimenting with patterns.

Buy online: Armor Lux

C17 Jeans Cedixsept

Your everyday week-to-weekend style starts with the basics. Those days when you just need that trusty t-shirt that will go with everything. And if you get a t-shirt of the best quality like this C17 jeans Cedixsept t-shirt in hemp/organic cotton then you can always count on it giving you a winning outfit  all round.

Whether you’re using it to relax in the tailoring game or wearing it to chill out in the evenings, this simple menswear mainstay can be worn for any occasion. Want to wear it under a blazer? Works day and night. Straight or skinny jeans? It’s the subtle retro vibe you need. It’s the basic t-shirt that you need.  And is anything but lazy.

Buy Online: C17 Jeans Cedixsept

Novesta: Star Master 59 Cedar Plimsoll 

Gotta have ‘Solls. A plimsoll really is a canvas shoe that has a rubber sole that is molded on the bottom. And yes they are different from a more traditional trainer shoe as the rubber sole itself is glued and cured. 

Celebrities have taken to wearing them. Surfers and sailors swear by them. This classic  canvas shoe style has definitely regained its social footing. The Novesta Star Master 59 Cedar plimsoll is handmade and a vegan shoe, so they are perfect for those that want to stick to natural materials and a classic silhouette.

Low-tops generally serve to preserve and complement the clean lines of what you wear. Simple plimsolls work best, as athletic-inspired trainers are too distracting if you want to wear them with a formal attire. Sometimes you need the shoes to do the talking.

Buy online: Novesta 


Your phone may be the most  durable phone you have yet, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use a phone case. BLVCK x CASETiFY iPhone case range is more than just a colour. This phone case will let you make a statement, a tech accessory made for the minimalists. So if you’re going to get a phone case, then get one that will give you peace of mind.

If this is not the one for you, CASETiFY has loads more cases than you could ever hope for. The CASETiFY iPhone or Android cases focus on a huge range of covers that will suit any occasion and whatever style you want, classy, tough or to dazzle in lurid neon. Protective. Sustainable. Unlimited styles. What more could you ask for?

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