What To Wear To The Christmas Party

The decision is a tough one. You work with the same people 5 days a week and you’re normally tied to wearing a uniform. When the christmas party season arrives, it’s your time to impress and your time to really express yourself and your values. But lets face it, your work colleagues know you inside out they know what you stand for… You spend most of your life with them! But the one thing they don’t know about you is the way you dress outside of work, and the christmas party is the time to make your mark.

The opposite sex plan months in advance for this big occasion  but us gents tend to leave things to the last minute. So today at MFM, we’ve put together a short article highlighting some key things to think about when piecing your christmas party attire together.

Making A Statement

We want to stand out right? We want compliments about the way we’re dressing, we don’t want to just blend in with the other guys from the office. Therefore, we can focus on statement pieces and if we’re not feeling brave, use neutral tones elsewhere to neutralise the statement piece. Think of it like this: If you’ve got a rustic orange blazer you want to wear, wearing it with a deep red shirt and rustic orange trousers will create one hell of a statement… and sometimes for the wrong reason. So what you can do is take that rustic orange blazer, and layer it with neutral tones such as an oxford shirt and navy trousers. It really is simple and allows you to make a statement without getting too many wild compliments.

Christmas Statement Look

Of course, if you’re feeling brave then opt for more colour or print without neutralising the look too much. You can also add print and colour through the use of accessories, such as the addition of a brightly coloured pair of socks, a printed skinny tie or bow tie and the simple addition of a coloured pocket square. The importance of accessories often gets neglected, and not only do they allow us to create more of a statement they also allow us to add individual touches to a look.

Here are some product picks to create a statement with

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Simple Combinations

When establishing a look suitable for a christmas party, there’s some simple combinations we can use as the foundation. Now we want to always think about implementing statement pieces as shown above, but if you fail to master what you’re wearing them with you’re going to look more like a disaster than a style masterpiece.

Therefore the base of the look is extremely important, and its sometimes something you should think about first. For an occasion like the christmas party, you want to look elegant but may want to still hold a casual element to the look. We can create a base and then decide whether the look needs more formal pieces or more casual pieces to finish. A simple combination would be slim fit trousers or chinos with a buttoned down shirt to complete the base of the look. Yes, it really is simple but with this, we can then think about implementing statement pieces, other layers and accessories to complete the look. Here are some photos for inspiration.

Christmas Party Wear

It really is an occasion where you can really let loose when it comes to experimentation. Use this article and the combination recommended above as a base to crafting your look together and then experiment with statement pieces and accessories. Most importantly, look stylish but feel comfortable. No one likes an imitating robot dance on the dance-floor simply because they can’t move due to the attire they’re wearing…

Let us know your outfits for this christmas season in the comments below.