What To Wear This Autumn

We may not like to admit it and we might still be basking in the last embers of summer, but whether we like it or not, autumn is very much in the ascendency. Yes gents that’s right, the mornings are getting darker with each passing day, the evenings now have a chill in the mild summer air and the leaves shall soon be turning from a lush green to a light brown before disappearing from our minds altogether as the months pass as by.

hues 1

As the seasons and the colours we associate with autumn begin to play ever more on our mind, now is as good a time as any to start tackling the issue of your transitional autumn wardrobe; there are jumpers and coats to start mulling over, boots to replace those crisp white trainers, merino wools to replace soft cottons. And that’s only the half of it, for once you have narrowed down the essentials, you must also consider the key colours for the A/W’14. Thankfully that’s where MFM comes in.

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Colour often seems to be an area of clothing that scares us men, we seem to come over all shy and retiring, it’s almost as if we know we need and want to buy new clothes as we segue from summer to autumn but we are not quite so sure as to how we go about making that judgement, or at least when it comes to the colours we choose.

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Yet colour and the ways in which we implement them into our daily wears can add so much character and style to our outfit choices, it can add a sense of dash and daring while at the same time still retain a sense of tact and decorum. Autumn colours in particular lend themselves to a subtle yet refined palette that any man can carry off with aplomb.

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Of course thanks to the crazy world of fashion and those of us who write under its name, each year brings along a fresh batch of colours that happen to be part of the style zeitgeist and this year once again proves no different. There will be brands and blogs throwing colours at you like Jackson Pollack but beware, do not get too mired in the myriad of hues been thrown in your direction.

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The key is to choose two or three colours which will complement the rest of your wardrobe; no doubt you will already have the so called basics – the blacks, whites and navy’s of this world – so here is a guide to three colours we at MFM will add that extra bit of verve to your wardrobe this season. And of course keep you right up to the date with the latest colour trends.


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From ivy-league chinos to Burberry Macs, camel has always played a prominent part in the history of fashion hues but this season the colour is not just the preserve of jackets and trousers; from t-shirts to sweaters, bomber jackets to boots, camel is very much on trend this season. It’s also an easy colour to team up with other colours, be it reds and burgundies, navy or white, there is no need to get the hump this season (sorry readers, we couldn’t resist!)

maison music jacketboss blackboxy fit valentino

yuketen shoesrollneck amidyed garment

Military Green

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Be it bomber jackets or peacoats, deck jackets or trench coats, the world of fashion and style owes a great deal to the military world. We can now add the colour green to the growing list of military / fashion crossovers. This season the colour is everywhere and none more so than with regard to the uber trendy bomber jacket. Of course it’s not just jackets, sweaters and t-shirts by hipster brands such as A.P.C and ACNE are foremost in menswear collections this season.

selo acne jacketscollege jersey sweatshirtlarge brim tribly

sunspel jersey teetiger sweatshirtcotton canvas apc

Light Grey

hues 8

We here at MFM aren’t exactly sure who said grey was boring but we do know one thing – they were wrong. Be it a full suit or casual sweater, a light-wash grey is the perfect colour companion this season. Grey may be understated, it may not shout from the rooftops but if you are looking to add a touch of class to your wardrobe this season and want a colour than can be both smart or casual then light grey is the perfect place to start.

grey flannel amisunspel cottonsalt weave

mohair mcqueenzerogrand shoescrandad shirts

A Final Note…

While it would be easy to sit back and mourn the passing of another summer why not embrace the onset of a new season with an array of new clothes in some of the best autumnal colours a man could ask for? Us men have never had it so good in the fashion department and the use of camel, military green and light-grey give us all the opportunity to make the most of an ever expanding male colour palette. These colours are rich in tradition and immersed in history, they all fit perfectly with so many other colours and ensure this season will go off without a hitch.