What To Wear On A Date


First comes the fear. Fear as you edge forward and ask, then the sudden elation when they say yes, that happiness, but then it’s taken away when the stress kicks in and you have to think about what to wear. Yes, there are ups and downs before you go on a date. Staring into the wardrobe – that black vortex – or trailing around a shop all of the clothes morph into one another, jumpers not smart enough, shirts too smart, everything a mess. But when you take a step back, blink, have some water, you see that in that wardrobe, in that shop, there’s opportunity. Here at MFM we love options and getting ready to go on a date is all about options.

date 001

The opportunities really are endless when it comes to going on a date but the first thing you need to decide is what kind of a date you’re going on. Are you going to the cinema or for dinner or for a drink? What kind of clothes would suit that date? The most common and, in my opinion, best thing to do when sorting out your outfit is to mix smart and casual. The three looks below are all about adding a sense of smart and casual to what you wear. Wearing a casual shirt, merged with a tie or a smart tie with a cardigan sets off a vibe, a sense of self-assured style.

What’s also important to remember when you put our outfit together is to think: what adds to this? The simple answer – accessories. Accessories – as I’ve said before – complete outfits and are a good slant on any kind. With the addition of a watch, you set a different tone to what you’re wearing. What shoes you wear say a lot, not about you but about what you’re trying to suggest. This extends into the work place as well, how you choose to portray yourself to others.

The need for accessories can even head into scarfs and hats. Now we’re in winter, you may be walking to the cinema or bar to meet your date – what will you be wearing? How does staying warm look good? Simple. Accessories. A hat and scarf will aid the coat that you’re wearing, whether it be a duffle coat, a brown coat, you name it. These kind of winter accessories – or more, essentials – are also very practical. Think if your date wants to go ice skating, gloves not only look good, they stop your fingers from wanting to fall off. The mixture of style and need is imperative when it comes to winter. Tilt that with the idea of a date and you’re onto a winner.

Look One:

This look combines two colours – red and black – making it entirely about smart/casual. With the skinny jeans tucked into the boots you have that mixture easily exposed. The coat – half open – exposes the red jumper and the hat completes that Christmasy, romantic, red feeling. The look also has a very easy look to it – you could have just thrown this on and dashed out of the door – but you’ll look stylish and that’s the point, no?

cable crew jumperalberta coatbrown worker beltfairisle pattern beanietito lace boothey prest chinos

Look Two:

This look is all about the little details. It’s smart but has an edge to it. With the addition of patterned socks and a vintage watch it tells your date that you value fashion, not just the parts that they will see but other areas. Patterned socks, for example, really do show that sense of interest in fashion, that and they look much more interesting than plain black socks. In addition, if you wanted to make your look more smart/casual, patterned socks do just that.

claw blue shirtmax cash jeansharrison watch

dark brown beltfairisle boots sockssuede desert boots

Look Three:

This look is a much lighter, almost summery, outfit. It’s all about saying that winter is not just for dark, dreary colours and not to walk around wrapped up like a mummy. With the chequered shirt, you show off a lot of colour and the cardigan really enhances that casual sense. In addition, cardigans are a great sense of warmth for dear old winter. The blue jeans bring together that overall opinion of winter doesn’t have to be dreary, it can be light and you can look stylish.

cable shawl cardiganchecked twill shirtskinny blue jeans

leather beltgrande steel watchhindburn in red


So there you have it. A stress-free catalogue of ideas of what to wear on a date. Whether it be winter or summer these outfits work – with alterations of course, you don’t want to be wearing a woolly hat in summer – but the overall vibe and essence of these outfits fits. As always at MFM we want to hear from you so post any comments on your experiences of dates, the clothes you wore and, of course, your thoughts.