What To Wear On A Cinema Date

Dating can be nerve-wracking enough but when it comes to choosing your outfit this should be a simple and instinctive task. With fashion and dating going hand in hand, your attire will actually reveal the essence of your personality – choose wisely as this will give a certain impression all within the space of a greeting. Even though it’s a guarantee you’ll both be sat in the dark, it’s important that your look speaks great volumes and in that respect provide you with a sense of ease.

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As It’s hard to know what to wear sometimes, here at MFM we’ve devised a short inspiration guide of a few key pieces for you to incorporate into your date attire.

Outer Layers

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Leading into autumn, it’s essential at this time of year to invest in good quality warm staples you can wear over and over again. We advise you to select a smart statement piece whether it be classic or more contemporary. A wool coat is an excellent investment piece, as it will keep you warm and looking effortlessly stylish. Lighter layers can be worn underneath these pieces…

marine meltongrey roman peacoatblack farah vintage

If you however aren’t fond of a smart coat for a first or second date, opt for something a little more casual. These jackets are still considerably smart and will look great with chinos or your favourite pair of denim.

tailored asoswaxed barbourbrit showerproof

It is a myth that a date requires a whole new outfit bought from the shops. The key shopping tip is to actually purchase just one or two new pieces that work harmoniously into your current wardrobe at home. There is no reason why you can’t wear your favourite pair of tailored trousers you’ve looked after for the past few years.

Time For Knits

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As we’re heading into autumn, you may be looking for a new jumper though eh? Something understated, warm and versatile that your date will ideally want to cuddle up to whilst watching that scary movie.

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Lookout for modern and patterned knits that will add some interest and respective colour to your outfit. Nothing too thick or itchy either… the softer the knit the better! Orange, cream and burgundy work well with denim and dark shades.

date 13

green chest pocketraw edgecarlow knit

Scarf Talk

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The great thing about this time of year is that you can start digging out your faithful winter accessories. Although it may still be a little early for your woollen knits, thin evening scarves for men have never been so hot and understated.

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If you’re looking for that certain je nais sa quoi, we suggest you choose a luxury fine scarf that will not only look great but also tie your whole outfit together. Especially if it’s a chilly day there is no doubt you will look the part in these pieces…

blue tonal scarfskjeld scarfchecked silk scarfs


date 7

As far as jeans go, this household favourite has now transformed into the most refined transitional piece you can wear all year round. Essentially the date proof staple, it is easy to create a good impression by choosing a great cut, colour and fit of jean.

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Top tip: only purchase something new that you will indefinitely wear again. Remember nothing too risqué – you can’t impress your date with a skinny jeans mishap! To ensure your outfit doesn’t stay in the dark – have a look at these ace products to try…

max raw jeansryan straight jeanslocke lake jeans

Feet First

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Shoes can be more than a bit tricky when it comes to dating. Super smart, smart, casual or extremely relaxed – it can all depend entirely on what you have opted to wear on your legs. You can take note of head-to-toe smart attire can take on a retro trainer or sneaker for a contemporary balance. Evidently, there are definitely more to trainers these days…

date 11

ctas black zippuma gloryonitsuka trainers

A statement leather shoe is hard to upstage, with a well cut pair of denim or strategically placed relaxed fit chinos, the addition of leather will look sharp, and your date will be lapping this up. Navy and brown leather work particularly well with contrasting indigo denim. Have a look if any of these styles take your fancy…

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verdy shoesw stanley capmonk paul shoes

One Last Thing…

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We hope you’ve enjoyed our cohesive style guide and that it’s introduced to you some new style suggestions. We love looking at the different levels of formality in street code and how this can give you personally some inspiration to toy with. If you are going on a date soon, just remember to always dress comfortably, this will make you feel at ease and therefore boost your confidence whilst on the date. Follow this major rule and you will be thanking us later. We can’t ensure you won’t still get the first date nerves but if you follow these observations, you’ll be sure to feel and look great.