What The Modern Man Wears On His Wrists

Regardless of where we are or what time of the day it may be, a piece of jewellery can often be the missing part of the style puzzle. Following on from our recent blog piece on wearing jewellery, we thought we’d cover just what the modern man is deciding to wear on his wrists. Nowadays, the contemporary gent can find himself in a myriad of different locations over 24 hours – all calling for a suitable wristbands accessories. Whether at the office, the gym, or a party, every situation can be amplified with the perfect piece of wrist jewellery.

At The Office

While wearing a dashing three-piece suit to the office is becoming somewhat outdated in certain professions, the notion of style and class should never be lost. Even if your workplace encourages casual wear, it’s still possible to subtly impress colleagues with your choice in wristwatches. Luxury watches, like the ones found at www.chrono24.co.uk, aren’t built with fads and flashiness in mind, but instead with sophistication and durability. While smartwatches may pack everything but the kitchen sink into a small piece of technology on your wrist, luxury Swiss-made watches are effortlessly cool and always garner compliments.

At The Gym

Smartwatches have risen in popularity for many reasons: the design, functionality, and range of apps. Yet the ability to track heart rate and give feedback on workouts has also been a major reason for their success. However, dedicated fitness bands are also getting their time in the sun, as the desire to consistently track and record our workouts has seen the creation of brands such as Fitbit and Jawbone, for example. The Jawbone UP3 especially, is an extremely innovative fitness tracker that, when coupled with the Smart Coach app for smartphones, covers statistics on intense activity, as well as information on sleep, food intake, and heart rate. Other than that, the Jawbone UP3 simply looks cool and sleek, with a simple design that is splash-proof, durable, and available in a range of stylish colours.

At A Party

Watches and fitness bands are both good at getting compliments, but there’s one piece of jewellery (that some may argue isn’t jewellery per se) that’s incredibly good at starting conversations, and that’s a festival wristband. Granted, it’s better that you have actually attended a festival to deserve the wristband, but for those wanting to try out the look without actually being present at a three-day festival, then it’s worth checking out eBay for some festival band replicas. It’s a simple but effective way to promote your taste in music, while also looking downright cool.