What Should A Casino Dealer Do And Wear?

As online casinos have increased in popularity in recent years, casino operators have been forced to come up with new and ingenious ways of increasing their pull for punters.

Due to the sheer amount of online operators, in order to get, as well as retain clients, they have had to come up with new and exciting ways to keep their interest. As you can see, they continue to produce casino slot games with a high level of entertainment and above all, promotions and bonuses are blooming.

Nowadays, gamblers need a little more than just great games and super bonuses to keep them interested. So how have they achieved it?

One such way that online casinos have continued to win the battle against land-based casinos, is through the introduction of live casinos. A live casino offers all the thrill of online gambling, the comfort of playing at home, but with the interaction that one would expect from a more traditional setting. You can play online slots real money at EasyMobileCasino.com live, giving you the best of both worlds but all from the comfort of your home.

So, do you think you have what it takes to be the best live casino dealer out there? Let us see what boxes you need to be able to tick in order to be in with a chance.

Smart appearance

First up you have to look the part. Whilst you may be working online and dealing with customers over the internet, they can still see and hear you. Just because a casino is online, doesn’t mean their expectations are any less or you can wear any old thing to work.

Being as smart and well presented as possible is as much a prerequisite for the job as it would be in a land casino, imagine a dealer as a well presented website for sports betting like https://www.fanduel.com/fantasy-baseball, it’s got to have some amazing looks but look professional as well in order to appeal to the customers and keep them comfortable. The chances are you will be expected to wear formal clothes- think a white shirt, waistcoat or suit jacket, with a dark coloured tie, or even a bow tie.

You must ensure that your hair is kept short, neat, and well groomed and your skin clear and well moisturised.

Good interpersonal skills

This goes without saying. You need to be smiley, friendly and professional at all times. Whilst you may get comments from users of the casino, it is your job to remain completely unflappable at all times.

Ensure you have a good level of the language that you will be working in, and remember that whilst the customer is always right, you need to be firm, yet fair in your approach.


No, we do not mean in the physical sense, but rather that you need to be prepared to work awkward hours. Like a traditional casino, online casinos see a surge in popularity during the evening hours.

You should be prepared to work shifts and to be available during the night, or at least, very late at night. Of course, this lifestyle isn’t for everyone- some thrive on it, some do not but being aware that this is not a 9-5 job is the key to your success.

The world of online casinos and live casinos is one that will continue to grow in popularity and securing a job as a live dealer could be a great career move. Just remember that if you decide to go for it, looking the part, sounding the part and being flexible with your working hours are all prerequisites of the role.