What Men Should Know About Underwear

Men’s underwear in 2020 has become so much more than a simple item of clothing worn underneath your outer clothes. It’s morphed into a functional fashion statement, that not only helps keep a man’s junk set comfortably dry and in place, but also looks great in doing so.

Here are our top three men’s underwear tips to keep in mind when the time comes to buy that next batch of underwear for either yourself or a loved one.

Boxers vs Briefs – The Age Old Debate

This is a question that every man faces from time to time.

The difference between boxers and briefs lies in how tightly the fabric moulds to your leg – Boxers loosely fit like shorts, while briefs tightly mould against your skin.

When push comes to shove however, the answer to this question is entirely a matter of personal preference. As the saying goes, variety is the spice of life, so why not opt to mix things up depending on what you have on your plate during the upcoming day. While boxers will generally offer you more breathing room, it’s briefs that offer you the support that you sometimes can’t do without.

Try to have a pair of boxers on hand to stay comfortable when having a lazy day around the house, and a pair of moisture-wicking, highly supportive briefs when you’re going to be on your feet.

Material Matters in Men’s Underwear

Not all men’s underwear has been created equal.

There are a few great and a few not so great suppliers out there. Here’s a quick rundown on the materials you need to consider before purchasing men’s underwear.

Quick guide to underwear material:

Cotton: Your classic tighty-whitey underwear that’s cheap and easily replaceable.
Synthetic Blends: Often features sweat absorbing, moisture-wicking technology for use during exercise.
Viscose: A slightly more expensive, highly breathable material that’s designed to offer the right mix of comfort and functionality.

As you can see, when it comes to making the right daily underwear choice, material matters just as much as style. There’s nothing worse than a sweaty pair of chafing cotton underwear while you’re working out, but likewise the comfort offered by a pair of classic cottons when lounging around the house can’t be underestimated either.

Once again, it’s all about having variety on hand.

Going Commando is NEVER the Answer

No, going commando is never the comfortable, fun answer that you think it is. This point quite simply can’t be stressed enough. Going commando is unhygienic, painful and opens you up to all sorts of embarrassing situations throughout your day.

While you may think that wearing no underwear under those shorts or business trousers seems like a good idea at the time, you almost always live to regret the decision.

If comfort is your primary consideration when it comes to men’s underwear then check out the range from a premium brand such as UFM Underwear.

With internationally patented pouch technology for superior support, getting the right underwear will always trump the option of wearing no underwear at all.