What Knitwear To Own This Autumn

We have all now felt the chill that signifies the impending autumn and then winter, and the inclination to wrap up and layer up is getting all too strong. The idea of wrapping yourself up in something thick, cosy and oversized during the chillier weeks ahead sounds like a wonderful thing. That’s why the influx in knitwear pieces that have been popping up in many a fashion retailer, is a wonderful opportunity for us all to invest in our AW14 knits.

knitwear 1

With the current boom in style that menswear is experiencing, there are many more trends and styles out there than just your basic knit jumper. There are jumpers that utilise colour blocking, quirky images that have been woven into the design. There are even an assortment of cardigans and zippy knits that allow for much more choice than ever before.

knitwear 2

There seems to be a new found love for everything knit, with even gloves hats and beanies becoming a bit more of an appealing style for many gents.

The idea of a bobble hat may once have seemed daunting but now can be worn with no sense of irony whatsoever.

knitwear 3

Here at MFM we have been perusing the woollen wonders for your (and our own) pleasure, so that the task of sorting through the numerous styles is not such a daunting thing to behold. Don’t be afraid to spend a little more on a product because you can guarantee that if it maintains your pieces then they will last you a lot longer than something cheap.

knitwear 4

Luxury fabrics and wools as alpaca ad merino are always excellent choices. The word Acrylic can make some folks skin crawl but what we have noticed is that many synthetic or synthetic mix fabrics are being produced with a soft and higher quality finish, so this gives you yet more options.

Simple Knits

A simple knit is something that is easy to wear and that involves styles and colours that aren’t to intimidating for the average shopper. If you like simple, classic pieces than a simple piece of knitwear is something that you are going to want to pick up. A simple knit is always a thin knit because this is the kind of thing that can be worn under a blazer and over a shirt to give to a more formal look. If this kind of jumper is worn alone then you may want to think about adding further layers just to stay warm.

hommee topman jumpertwist topman jumpersblue borg jumpers

river burgundy jumpersecru island jumpersvneck river jumpers

regal london sweaterbottega matchesgabbana cashmere

nn07 cotton sweatersklein blend sweaterscolour surf nyc

Chunky Knits

A chunky piece of knitwear is a wonderful thing, in particular when the frost hits and it gets super chilly. These kinds of knits can rarely be worn over anything mainly due to the fact that you may get too hot. It’s always difficult finding that outside / inside balance when choosing what knit to wear so a chunky knit is normally an excellent choice.

chunky topmancream chunky topmanvillian topman

river dark greychunky river ecrugreen fluffy river

merino chunky matchesbrick knit cardigancarven matches

porter sanderberluti cardigangucci porter

Patterned Knits

A knit with a pattern is something that some men won’t even go near but with the popularity of this style rising, it is hard not to ignore how amazing just some of these pieces are. Because some of this jumpers are a little bit of a statement, it would probably be wise to keep the rest of the outfit a little tamer than usual. But what the heck, be a little braver now and again.

moose xmassnowman xmasgreen topman neck

ombre islandhoodie rivernavy fox river

cerruti sweatersmonclear sweaterskistune wool

tomorrowland sweaterbaby alpaca porterintarsia sweaters

Crazy Knits

This section has fewer items than the others; simply because we didn’t want to scare you with too many outrageous knitted choices. While these selections may seem a little out there, there may be room somewhere in your wardrobe for a piece or two. These knits however are quite ostentatious and may be very intimidating for most. But if you are one of those lucky fellows who can pull off pretty much any kind of luck then something in this section may just tickle your fancy.

tmd jumpersblue tmd chunkynavy tmd chunky

veneta wool sweaterssunders sweatersyohji sweaters

sibling isle sweatersraf crew neckloewe sweaters

Knitted Accessories

We all need to keep cosy when we are braving the elements, so hats, scarves and gloves are a season essential. As with many of the knitwear styles things are getting a tiny bit bolder so why not embrace it and enjoy yourself with this small selection of knitted accessories?

black laddered scarfwhite burgundy gloveswaffle black beanie

twist snoodbobble hatfingerless gloves

oliver country glovesrockliffe eskstitched tuck beanie

porter venetadonegal glovesrichard beanie

A Final Word

If like me and you feel the chill quite easily then knitwear should be your new season go to fashion item. We love thick knitted jumpers and there are even one or two of us that love a printed or even an outrageous jumper. It’s all about making a statement with your clothes and keeping warm in this chilly weather too. You may already have one or two pieces of knitwear in your wardrobes but must urge you to have a hefty selection of pieces to choose from. We have a feeling that the next few months are going to get very chilly indeed.