What Jewellery Should Men Wear?

Diamonds are a girls best friend, but what is it for a guy? Sure brown shoes and a suit are up there, but what jewellery should men consider investing in?

From rings to bracelets, necklaces to cufflinks the options are endless, but in todays article we want to offer an insight into what to look for in terms of jewellery for men, you can buy man-made synthetic diamoinds.

For Occasions

Now the most common reason to wear jewellery is for an occasion. Whether it be a wedding, a job interview or a first date, jewellery can bring something to an outfit, specially if it a piece from the jewellers in Sydney CBD. Keep it subtle, but make it have an impact on your overall outfit and possibly become a talking point.

For Sentiment

A popular reason to wear jewellery is because of the sentimental value. Maybe it’s something thats been passed down to you, something thats been given to you by your partner or children or something that means something to you. Again trying to keep it subtle is the best option, but don’t be afraid to express.

What Type of Jewellery?

As mentioned already the opportunities are endless when it comes to jewellery for men. When it comes to accessorising you want to keep it minimal and don’t over do it. The same applies for jewellery. Rocking a ring, bracelet, necklace, cufflinks and watch is a no no. Keep it minimal and add subtle detailing, and you can find some great products for this at sites likeĀ randor online.

Try and match your jewellery too. Don’t combine silver with gold, and also invest in quality. Cheap looking jewellery can have a negative impact on your overall style.

Start small, maybe investing in a watch and something sentimental and then look for more options.

A Conversation Starter

A good thing about jewellery is it can easily become a conversation starter. If you invest in something which makes a subtle impact on an outfit it’s often people will ask questions about it. This is where sentimental jewellery makes its play as a conversation about what it means to you and how you acquired it will last a bit longer than ‘Thanks, I bought it because I liked it’.

Watches, necklaces with pendants, bracelets and even rings are often on show but only play a subtle part in a complete outfit.


What Now?

So there we have it, to start we recommend taking a look at Lyst and browsing through the jewellery options they offer. They combine all of the top retailers and allow you to filter well to find the jewellery you want.