What is Japandi style, and why should you have it in your home?

By now, we have all become familiar with the ever-popular Scandinavian design and lifestyle trends. Scandi bedrooms, Nordic living rooms, IKEA kitchens, you name it. But recent years have seen a rise in the allure of Japandi – a hybrid style blending Japanese and Scandinavian looks together. Also known as ‘Japanese Minimalism’, the movement focuses on clean, calm and considered style, bringing natural materials inside and making simple elements shine.

Despite their geographical difference, Scandi and Japanese design have a lot in common. The perfect fusion of the two centres around minimal, yet highly-functional designs, quality craftsmanship and handmade pieces. The colour scheme is neutral, with peaceful palettes carefully selected to bring harmony to a space. The root of this style comes from the individual trends of ‘Hygge’, the Scandinavian concept of cosiness in the home, and ‘Wabi-Sabi’, the Japanese ideology that there is beauty in imperfection. By blending these ideas, Japandi gives off a look that is easy, sleek and stylish.

To get the best of both worlds when bringing Japandi into your home, you should bring forward the cosy feel of Scandi design, using warming textures and soft accessories, whilst maintaining the clean lines of Japanese furnishings.

Japandi Styles to Buy Now:

Keep it Neutral

Neutral colour schemes are at the heart of the Japandi movement. Both Scandi and Japanese styles draw heavily from nature, so this super-trendy Sage shade from Lick would compliment a minimal setup perfectly.

Experiment with Natural Materials

Japanese design values the use of natural, well-made materials. Grasses, reeds, rattan and jute are often called upon, as well as different types of wood, which is also a heavy feature of Scandinavian decor. Covering walls, doors, wardrobes and so on with simple wooden slats is a simple way to integrate this into your space. It hides clutter, allows privacy and compliments the colour scheme wonderfully.

Quality over Quantity

Similar to the idea of feng shui, a real key element of Japandi style is tidiness. Less is most definitely more here, and one could argue that a feeling of serenity and calm is more difficult to achieve with a room full of clutter. Focus more on functional, long-lasting items, and put extra consideration into what you surround yourself with. Your space should only ever make you feel zen!


Sustainability is another popular element in the Japandi trend. By investing in well-made individual pieces, you afford yourself quality and longevity. Japanese culture appreciates artisanal crafts and the individuality of these designs, and you will be able to pick out pieces for your space that are totally individual to you.

Japandi Accessories for your Space

John Lewis & Partners – Bilha Vase, Neutral


MADE – Camden Diamond Rug


Wye Design at Bombinate – Slate Black Chamfer Bench


FlossieandFred (Etsy) – Koi Line Art Print


Written by Tom Loughran