What Footwear To Own This Autumn

At this time of the year, it’s not only important what clothing is worn, it’s imperative to choose footwear, that of good quality with warmth and durability; for the antidote to unpredictable weather conditions. In this guide we’ve had a look around at what autumn has to offer foot-wise; find some inspiration and ace products to follow.


Loafers are the perfect transitional shoe of the moment; it is smart, quintessential and surprisingly versatile. Available in a range of colours, with this option it’s so easy to tailor your shoes to your personal style.

autumn 1

Suede, leather, tasselled and penny – you won’t be stuck for inspiration. By choosing a sensible shade of tan, black or burgundy, these colours will indefinitely compliment a wide range of jeans and trousers. Be sure to opt for something comfortable that you can style up with your existing wardrobe at home.

black kurtcorleone postecostello burgundy


If slip-ons aren’t for you, look to purchase a new pair of lace-up brogues. This sturdy, hard- wearing shoe has been on the fashion scene for years embracing traditional, contemporary and bizarre trends each season. A shoe for the modern gentleman; these are a classic style that you will find won’t date. Stick to traditional wingtips with intricate detailing and pair with a nice indigo jean to offset the statement.

autumn 2

With an extensive range of brands and colours available to buy; go for something transitional that you won’t get bored of. Brown and tan are particularly good shades to start with – if you’re looking to purchase your first pair.

autumn 5

wingtip thom browneduncan formal shoesbrogue asos suede


Crossing the boundaries of what is deemed acceptable to wear with trainers; these comfy and cool shoes style everything up from suits to joggers in the present day. Clashing colours, prints, and florals followed by more subtle shades – there is a trainer out there for every guy.

autumn 3

The best thing about trainers in autumn is the durability; they successfully get you from A to B come rain, sleet or shine. If you’re looking for something to wear specifically in the rain; look out for patent or waterproof variations. Every now and again you can restore your shoes with a little TLC, use sprays to protect and preserve your suede and leather.

gel lyte trainersuede 576 modered reebok


Our old faithful, you simply can’t ease into autumn without a great looking pair of boots. When considering styles always go for a higher price point if you can, this will reflect the quality of the shoes particularly if you’re purchasing leather boots.

autumn 4

As mentioned earlier, if you’re looking to shop around first for a new pair and not sure where to start have a look at existing styles in your wardrobe that have worn well. Choosing a replacement can sometimes be a difficult task, so be consistent in your choices and opt for a similar pair perhaps following the style or colour. Just as with loafers and brogues; keeping things classic in tan, brown or black will compliment every, chino and suit trouser.

declan bootstorsdi ankle bootbrockwell geiger

One Last Thing…

Excitingly with the first day of autumn having passed, shopping for new footwear should be an enjoyable task, just as your digging out your winter woollies and packing away your flip-flops. Now you have some ideas of what it is you should go for and shopping helps as well.