What Fashion Choices Men Should Avoid on A First Date

You might have heard that first impressions are everything, which is quite true. Whether it’s a job interview, a networking event, or a date, your first impression can be your last. You want the person you’re meeting for the first time to have a good image of you.

While your behavior and attitude determine half of your personality, your clothes determine the other half of your personality. Having bad style can ruin things for you on a first date, no matter how approachable or charming you are.

As you don’t know much about each other, you quickly create an impression of your date in your head the moment you see them. Their style and clothes are the first thing you notice about them. Many people can lose out on second dates just because of what they are wearing even though they might be a catch.

Dressing well can be effortless for some people, however, many others can struggle with it as they might not have the knowledge of style or fashion. Additionally, trying to keep up with the latest fashion or buying branded clothes can put a dent in some people’s pockets. As a result, they stick with what they have, which might not be the best option.

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There are numerous things to consider when thinking of what to wear for your first date such as place, time, and occasion. While fashion choices should always be made while thinking about the several factors, there are some things men should keep away from no matter where the date is.

Here are some fashion choices men should avoid on their first date.

Clothes that don’t fit

Baggy or tight clothes should always be avoided. Clothes that don’t fit well don’t look good and they can also make you feel uncomfortable. Whether it’s jeans with a tee or a formal suit, clothes that fit well will make you look neat and organized. 

Well-fitting clothes will also make you feel comfortable with your appearance. Rather than thinking about your uncomfortable outfit, you will be focused on being yourself and trying to create a good impression with your date.

Wearing too much cologne/deodorant

As bad smells are a number one turn-off and can quickly create a bad impression, you should always make sure you smell good, which could be with the help of good perfumes, deodorants, or colognes.

However, there is a limit to wearing the cologne or deodorant. You should generally put 2-3 sprays on your neck or wrist. Anything more than that isn’t a good idea as you don’t want to smell like you are just bathing in perfume.

Additionally, your date might also have some allergic reaction to cologne and if you wear a lot of it, she will think of the date as a terrible experience. 

Trying on new shoes

Shoes are one of the first things people notice about your appearance so, it’s a good idea to wear something that looks good and completes your entire look.

However, one mistake about footwear would be to wear shoes you have recently bought and haven’t had the chance to break in. While the shoes may look magnificent with your outfit, you don’t know how you would feel during the date as you haven’t worn them yet.

Some new shoes can become uncomfortable and difficult for you to walk in after wearing them for a long time. You don’t want that to happen on your first date.

Experimenting with a fresh look

You should definitely look your best, but a first date is not the place to try out a new look that is different from your regular one. While first dates are about creating a good impression, it’s also about being yourself. 

Experimenting with a fresh look defeat that purpose and will give your date a false impression of you. You should style and fashion your clothes according to what you usually wear as this would also make you feel comfortable in your skin.


Everyone wants to look for the best version of themselves when going on a first date so, these are some tips to avoid some mistakes that can turn into fashion disasters. It’s important to keep certain fashion tips in mind, however, the underlying thing is creating your unique look while being yourself.