What Does Your Appearance Say To Potential Employers?

Have you ever wondered why you keep getting rejected after a job interview? On paper, you check off all the boxes a potential employer want. You have a solid educational and professional background, you’ve scored high on screenings, and you managed to beat out hundreds of applicants for an interview. You even follow all the tips like showing up on time, answering questions entirely, and even questioning the interviewers, but somehow, it’s never enough to land the job. 

Although there are multiple reasons why people get turned down for employment, one of the most commonly overlooked reasons is appearance. While you’d think that your credentials and ability to perform well should be enough, that’s not always the case. How you look to potential employers creates an impression that ties into their decision-making. 

What Vibes Are You Giving? 

When you step into an establishment for a job interview, what vibes are you giving? Knowing this can help you make essential changes that could increase your chances of getting hired. Continue reading to learn more. 

Loud And Flashy

While dressing loud and over the top may be ideal for a cars salesman, it’s not suitable for all work environments. If your suit is a bold color with equally vibrant patterns, this vibe can deter clients from wanting to do business with you. It also gives the impression that you like to be the center of attention, which is the opposite of what an employer is looking for in a team environment. 

Aged And Outdated

Age discrimination is illegal but is also hard to prove. In the world of business, youthfulness works to your advantage. So, coming to an interview dressed in dated clothes, with gray hair, and aging skin, can cause an employer to look elsewhere for candidates to hire. Your age essentially means that you have more experience (higher salaries required), and it won’t be long before you retire (another employer expense). It also portrays the message that you don’t adapt well and may have a hard time grasping new concepts. 

Unkempt And Carefree

Whoever an employer decides to hire is a representation of the company brand. If someone comes into an interview smelling bad, with dingy clothes, poorly manicured nails, unhealthy skin, frazzled hair, or bad teeth, it says you don’t care much about your appearance. If you can’t take the time to ensure you’re neat, clean, and professional, chances are you won’t invest much effort into your job. 

Making A Positive Impression

These are just a few impressions that employers make based on your appearance. If you want to send the right message about who you are as a person and professional, consider these suggestions below: 

  • Dress For Success – Your interview attire should be business professional. That often means a suit and tie paired with quality accessories like leather shoes, a power color tie, and a nice watch. You can stick to general interview fashion tips or do research on the company culture and environment to determine what to wear. 
  • Good Hygiene – No matter how professional your interview attire is, you could leave a wrong impression if you’re dirty or unkempt. Ensure that you properly shower, wash your hair, get a manicure, and groom before your interview. 
  • Skincare – Adult acne, fine lines, and wrinkles can be very telling about your health and lifestyle. Do yourself a favor and start a skincare routine with a scrub cleanser and moisturizer so that you have youthful, healthy-looking skin for your interview. It’s best to start the routine several weeks in advance for the best results. 

They say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but that’s the way the cookie crumbles in the world of business. Your appearance during a job interview can make or break your chances of gaining employment. Ultimately, job seekers are encouraged to be intentional about the type of message they’re sending to potential employers. When you look the part, interviewers can focus their attention on what matters most – your ability to get the job done right.