What A Man Should Pack For A Weekend Away

In this video we walk you through what to pack for a weekend away. Quick city break? Work trip? No problems, we’ve got you covered.

In most cases less is more, and we wanted to show you how simple it can be when you stick to classic, versatile items.


Welcome to Men’s Fashion Magazine “What to pack for a weekend away” So you’re going away for the weekend but what do you pack through all occasions while your away. MFM’s own Adam Titchener shows you what to take and how to wear it, with versatile pieces and key accessories that will see you through the whole weekend.

He’s out and wearing his look the journey abroad which is perfect if you’re flying on a Friday evening. It’s good to start wearing your suit if it’s a short flight as it’ll save you getting it pressed when you arrive. This brushed cotton suit is great, it’s comfortable and relaxed so it doesn’t look too formal. Pair it with a button down shirt, brown shoes and carry a Mac.

Adam’s second look is ideal for Saturday afternoon walking around the city. He’s gone for indigo jeans, a white shirt, and he’s using the jacket from the suit as his blazer. Let’s finish the look off with suede brogues and an unfolded cotton pocket square. If it’s raining simply layer up with your Mac.

Look three is much more formal look for Saturday evening if you’re going somewhere fancy for dinner. Go with your crisp suit, dress shirt and tie, your brown shoes and your pocket square. With this effective combo you’ll be sure to get the best table in the house.

For a relaxed Sunday and if the weather is a little colder Adam’s gone with the trousers from the suit, the button down shirt, a crew neck sweater, knitted tie, suede brogues, and the Mac. If you decide to go some galleries to avoid the rain you can lose the Mac when you’re too hot.

For the flight back, we’ve gone back with a full suit this time and paired with a white t-shirt, folded cotton hanky and suede brogues. To ensure you look sharp but feel comfortable and you can still fit everything neatly in this carry-on.