Weekend Dressing – How to Wear Tracksuit Separates

Being back in the office during the week means the clothes that bring us the most comfort have taken a back seat. Thankfully, the weekend means freeing yourself of the suit and tie combo and opting for the pieces that bring us true pleasure.

The humble tracksuit got its big break in the 1960s thanks a little-known brand named Adidas. Since then, everyone from Primark to Gucci have dipped their toes into the tracksuit waters and very few have regretted it. The beauty of this ensemble is its versatility; the option of wearing each piece separately makes it all the more valuable in a modern wardrobe.

So, how do you go about styling tracksuit basics for cool and casual weekend looks? I’m glad you asked. I tried out a few ensembles, centred around a budget-friendly pick from H&M.


Hoodie / Joggers / Coat / Shoes

If you want to feel comfortable on a quick trip to the shop or grabbing coffee with a friend, throwing on a tracksuit is an obvious choice. To avoid looking underdressed, the best way to tailor this look is to pair it with a smart overcoat. This adds a contrast of styles, and the smart/casual

combination never fails. Finish off the look with some bold running trainers for a perfect weekend look.


Hoodie / Gilet / Jeans / Shoes

Layering over a staple basic like the hoodie is often the key to building a casual outfit. With the weather (finally) beginning to improve, the addition of a simple and lightweight gilet can bring something new to a look without having to wear a heavy coat. Sticking to complimentary tones is also a good starting point. I opted for a range of greys to bounce off the blue jeans, with the white trainers tying the whole outfit together.


Sweatshirt / Jacket / Joggers / Shoes

If the events of the last year didn’t solidify the fact for you, joggers are the undisputed king of comfort. If you aren’t quite ready to move on from the ‘grown-up clothes on top, joggers on the bottom’ routine, adding a shoe like the Wallabee can lift your outfit. A sweatshirt is another comfortable option, so try layering a smart jacket over it.

Written by Tom Loughran