Most of you guys probably wouldn’t even think of chucking on a belt as you head out the door in your shorts and t-shirt, we’re not talking the scruffy shorts you wear everywhere, but more to the tune of semi-smart or your fave best ones, or even the really smart ones that are a little bit tailored lurking in your draw. We love a no-brainer belt, not as something opulent or ornate, but wearing it as a statement, and in reality, belts now go largely unseen, so it’s good to be a little different.

So we’re going to talk about wearing a belt with shorts that really can enhance your overall style and appearance. You know, that adds that little finishing touch to your outfit and can help create a more polished and put-together look. We mean, how many of you rock out the door with your shorts that are too loose and you’re forever yanking them up, or even worse saggy, when a belt can hold everything up and in place, ensuring a comfortable and secure fit throughout the day. Suffice to say that if your clothes fit properly you shouldn’t need a belt, but sometimes a belt can add a little extra vibe.

A belt offers an opportunity to accessorise, allowing you to choose from a wide range of belt designs, colours, widths, buckles, and materials to complement your shorts and the rest of your outfit, you can adjust the waistline of your shorts, making them more versatile, particularly useful if you have porked out over the months or lost weight, endlessly adjustable, great at this time of year  when lunches go long and hard as it allows you to continue wearing your favourite shorts and to a degree can make you look a little trimmer. Aha, see they have their uses, my friends.

The downside is, the heat and discomfort of wearing a belt in the summer can add an extra layer of material around your waist, if you’ve overeaten, or maybe especially uncomfortable when the weather is hot and humid, and you’re engaging in physical activities, we say take it off then. But we will  say that wearing a belt with shorts during the summer has its pros and cons. It can take your style up a notch and provide a better fit, especially for those guys who have suddenly realised that you can get a much more put-together look.

And yes, we know, wearing a belt can also be uncomfortable, restrict movement, and be deemed unnecessary for those of you that actually can’t be bothered or who prioritise comfort and simplicity. Ultimately, the decision to wear a belt with shorts should be based on personal preference and the specific situation or activity at hand.

But going to have the final word, if you want your look to have a little more character, try a little bit of decoration.